Expressive Figurative Art by Irene Makarova

Artist Irene Makarova Creates Expressive Figurative Art

Irene Makarova is an artist from Moscow (Russia). She started her art education in the studio of the Russian artist Konstantin Kaufman in 2005. She graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute in 2008 and then she took the Art course in Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Surikov in 2018. She participated in more than 60 exhibitions in Europe and Russia. Her paintings are in private collections in Russia, France, England, Italy, Spain, Scotland, the Czech Republic, Portugal, the USA.

Irene mostly creates expressive figurative art now. The form and relationships between different forms and figures set a huge field of interpretation through different historical and mythological contexts. Irene’s paintings are born in her inner world through observation and experience of the surrounding life. She prefers to work in oil and often uses bright colours in her artwork.

Irene’s art was influenced by the pictorial language of the Russian avant-garde of the early twentieth century and the work of German expressionists, as well as by Bosch, Giotto, El Greco, and Modigliani.

Irene says about her art:

“I would like to convey the essence of things and feelings directly. My objective is to talk about eternal truths in the modern language of art as well as discover new meanings. In my paintings, I strive to express the connection of art with the things that cannot be expressed in words, and with the invisible, that is hidden behind the usual visible around us.
For me, genuine art is a mix of depth and height. I think it helps a person become and remain a Human. Each of us has his own inner world, capabilities and talents, each is unique. I am to create the things that only I can create in this world and change the things that only I can change. This is a way for me to live my life and do the things full of meaning for myself, for others, and for the world.”

Irene’s Instagram page @irenethereal and her website are constantly updated with her latest paintings.

Burdened with Light Artwork by Irene Makarova“Burdened with Light”, oil on canvas, 70х60 cm.

Circle of the Sun Artwork by Irene Makarova“Circle of the Sun”, oil on canvas, 60х80 cm.

The Abduction of Bull Artwork by Irene Makarova“The Abduction of Bull”, oil on canvas, 60х60 cm.

Destiny Music Painting by Irene Makarova

“Destiny Music”, oil on canvas, 60х70 cm.

West Wind nticipation Artwork by Irene Makarova“West Wind (Anticipation)”, oil on canvas, 50х75 cm.

Mona Lisa Painting by Irene Makarova“Mona Lisa”, oil on canvas, 70х50 cm.

Eurydice Painting by Irene Makarova“Eurydice”, oil on canvas, 100х50 cm.

Breathing artwork by Irene Makarova“Breathing”, oil on canvas, 40х30 cm.

The Red Fish Artwork by Irene Makarova“To the Store to Buy Some Bread (The Red Fish)”, oil on canvas, 60х80 cm.

Angels of Peace Painting by Irene Makarova“Angels of Peace”, oil on canvas, 100х100 cm.

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