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Self-taught Artist Cat Illustrator

Hi! I am Di, a cat illustrator, self-taught artist. I was born in Uzbekistan, currently living in Israel. I have a cat named Alister. He is adopted from the shelter.

I specialize in creating cartoony arts, this style gives me more possibilities to create something special. Usually, I don’t draw cats without accessories. I collaborate with a couple of pet accessories shops. I have a permission to draw their handmade works like bows, bow ties, bandanas, to promote them on my Instagram account for free. Accessories make my art more catchy, I can capture more details, add colors and emphasize cat’s personalities.

My “cat drawing” story started in 2020. I used to take my camera and walk the streets searching for stray cats. I fed them and took a couple of photos with their permission. I published them on my Instagram page, but unfortunately, I didn’t get any feedback from my friends and acquaintances. I decided to create a new Instagram page named jdco_omix. I used to draw some simple funny sketches on my phone and publish them, but I gave this up because I can’t draw people’s faces.
Once I received a watercolor box and decided to draw something. I found some inspiring photos on my phone and tried some sketches. My attention stopped on drawing a neighborhood cat. I began to draw cats using watercolor, but I didn’t like the results. I started to combine techniques to achieve understanding my own style.
I received a graphic tablet Huion in the middle of 2021. Here is my journey continues.
Most of my works are drawn for free, I am searching for models myself and request a permission. But if I get an order, I accept donations and buy cat food to feed homeless cats.

Why exactly cats? Here in Israel everyone loves dogs. They buy them, adopt them, love them. But cats are abandoned here even in shelters. They live in the streets and eat from garbage cans.
Currently, I only feed them but in the future, I want to improve their quality of life.

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  1. Beautiful works by an even more beautiful person. Using your gift to help stray felines is truly one of the most beautiful things a person can do. Your art is as amazing as your compassion.

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