Karenina Fabrizzi Unique Painting

Italian Artist Karenina Fabrizzi

Karenina Fabrizzi is an Italian artist based in Barcelona, Spain. Her work has been exhibited all over the world and is held in many private collections internationally like PULSE Miami, Art on paper New York, Hermitage Hotel, Cheval Gloucester Park, DAWN-Royal Grand Suites, Le Meridien, Leevan Art Oriental, Maison et...
Beautiful paintings of Aylee Kim

The Beautiful Paintings of Aylee Kim

I am Aylee lives in Brisbane, Australia. There you can see three big series in my paintings these days called light, waves and path. Light series are about memories. The memories we always have in mind, but not clear because they are faded by time. In the painting, I tried...
Realistic Portrait Paintings by Monika Rembowska

Realistic Portrait Paintings by Artist Monika Rembowska

Monika is a painter who lives and works in Milan; she from a very young age she has always shown a remarkable passion for figurative art. The subjects she loves to represent are young girls depicted in their flowering and children. Rembowska fixes on canvas their tenderness and innocence of...
Art in Love Paintings by Artist Bahman

Textured love portrait paintings by Artist Bahman

I draw my inspiration greatly from esotericism without this being the main theme of my work. There are many references to Greek mythology, Christianity and the Kabbalah. All this is indicated by sometimes insignificant details that only attract the attention of a connoisseur. I like to borrow elements from ancient...
Beautiful ocean paintings by Monica Esgueva Artist

Oceans as a Way to Freedom

Fascination is a well-known feeling for humans. No other natural feature has sparked as much fascination as the Ocean, maybe because 95% of the ocean is completely unexplored, unseen by human eyes. To me, water is a fluid substance associated with feelings, the subconscious and healing. Somehow, the animals I...
Watercolor Flowers Ideas by Shellie Sylla

Shellie Sylla—Using Art as Therapy

As far back as I can remember, I have always been artistic, but never found anything in particular I enjoyed. I love watching Bob Ross, so I thought maybe oil painting is my thing. But after trying a couple of paintings with him, I did not have happy trees. I,...
Semi Abstract Landscape Painting by Gill Bustamante

Large Contemporary Semi Abstract Landscape Paintings

I am an independent artist based in Sussex and my painting style has evolved, like most persistent artists' styles eventually do, to be quite unique. The style does not really fit a particular category but could be called semi-abstract, contemporary or 'messy art nouveau' (as one of my buyers once...
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