Beautiful paintings of nature by Tanya Hansens

Beautiful Nature Sunset Paintings by Artist Tanya Hansens

After ten years as a graphic designer, I came to the desire to transfer my ideas to the canvas. And, since 2013, I began to project my emotions and feelings using canvas and oil. Since 2014, inspired by the new turn in my life, I choose acrylic and work with...
Created Amazing Portrait Artwork by Dina Gris

The Artwork Created by Artist Dina Gris

My name is Dina Gris and I am an artist from Australia. My love for art emerged ever since I could hold a pencil. My journey as an artist really began at the age of eight. This is when I started to dedicate hours, every day, to hone my craft...
Beautiful Girl Swimming On Inflatable Ring Painting

Trisha Lambi Award-winning Australian Artist

I am an award-winning artist from Australia known for my bold and sensuous oil paintings. I have exhibited widely in Australia and internationally. Highlights of my career include my selection to represent Australia at the 2006 and 2007 Guangzhou Art Fair in China and my selection as a finalist in...
Love birds painting by Lucy Car

Lucy Car Australian Emerging Artist

My art is happy art. I paint with bold acrylic paint on canvas bright, expressive flowers, birds and animals that bring joy. Each of the attached works bring me great satisfaction because they celebrate nature and colour and harmony. I often paint Australian flowers because their bold shapes and colour...
Beautiful abstract landscape by Tania Chanter

Beautiful Australian Landscape Paintings by Tania Chanter

Tania Chanter is an established artist based in Australia's Yarra Valley. Her paintings exude passion and storytelling which are inspired by her deep connection to the beautiful Australian landscape. Tania discovered her love of painting almost by accident after her teenage son suggested getting a couple of canvases and following...
Karenina Fabrizzi Unique Painting

Italian Artist Karenina Fabrizzi

Karenina Fabrizzi is an Italian artist based in Barcelona, Spain. Her work has been exhibited all over the world and is held in many private collections internationally like PULSE Miami, Art on paper New York, Hermitage Hotel, Cheval Gloucester Park, DAWN-Royal Grand Suites, Le Meridien, Leevan Art Oriental, Maison et...
Beautiful paintings of Aylee Kim

The Beautiful Paintings of Aylee Kim

I am Aylee lives in Brisbane, Australia. There you can see three big series in my paintings these days called light, waves and path. Light series are about memories. The memories we always have in mind, but not clear because they are faded by time. In the painting, I tried...
Realistic Portrait Paintings by Monika Rembowska

Realistic Portrait Paintings by Artist Monika Rembowska

Monika is a painter who lives and works in Milan; she from a very young age she has always shown a remarkable passion for figurative art. The subjects she loves to represent are young girls depicted in their flowering and children. Rembowska fixes on canvas their tenderness and innocence of...
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