women submerged in water painting

Constance Regardsoe Artist

Constance Regardsoe has a longstanding fascination with water and uses it to express ideas of time and impermanence. The intricacy of the patterns of light and water in her paintings speaks of transience; a brief split second sooner or later in the captured source image would alter them radically. By...
Space art by Pilar Gogar

Pilar Gogar Space Art Nebula and Galaxy Paintings

Pilar Gógar opens a window to the contemplation of the universe, taking us to a galactic and metaphysical reality. In today's world, with its frenetic speed, her proposal invites us to stop and connect with the natural astonishment through the contemplation of the cosmos. A reality much bigger than each...
Indian Contemporary Artist Neeti Aggarwal

Neeti Aggarwal Contemporary Artist

In the words of Thomas Merton, ‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time’. I am a financial researcher and consultant by profession and MBA & CFA by education. In the early chapter of my life, I focused on my professional education and building my...
Painting of pregnant woman

Stream of Consciousness Imaginings by Oil painter Cynthia Howard

There is something satisfying about seeing Realism artwork come together. Like a jigsaw puzzle solved piece by piece, colour by colour, shape by shape the artist matches the colours and proportions to the original until a recognisable replica takes shape. Australian artist Cynthia Howard draws from life often to continually...
Female figure painting art by Krystof Novotny

Artist Krystof Novotny: What it feels like for a girl

What it feels like for a girl is a comprehensive exhibition conceived into a series of twenty oil paintings depicting a woman's life. It is a figurative painting, while the depicted ladies come mostly from the life of Krystof Novotny. His effort is to capture women's desires, thoughts, and feelings...
Painting of animals by Safa Qureshi

Saving Animals by Painting Animals- Safa Qureshi

My name is Safa Qureshi and I am a oil and watercolor painter! My artwork reflects my enchantment with nature and animals by revealing them as they exist through my eyes. I portray their magnificent aura that may often go unnoticed. The natural world is in a fragile state. It...
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