Love birds painting by Lucy Car

Lucy Car Australian Emerging Artist

My art is happy art. I paint with bold acrylic paint on canvas bright, expressive flowers, birds and animals that bring joy.

Each of the attached works bring me great satisfaction because they celebrate nature and colour and harmony. I often paint Australian flowers because their bold shapes and colour delight me, but recently I’ve been enjoying exploring more traditional spring flowers with their bright pops of colour and anticipation for the season to come. I love quirky, so I’ve been inspired to paint a watermelon vase with fruit and vegetable flowers, a portrait of Aussie cattle dogs on a regal Chesterfield chair and a colourful array of tropical fruit that grow where I live.

I live on a property which has rainforest, fruit, vegetables, ducks, chickens and a large flower garden. This inspires me to paint nature around me. It is very easy to become disheartened with the world around us; I would love to think I would spark some joy in the person looking at my work and having it in their home, a nugget of optimism to move us forward.

I have five children who bring a vitality to my painting and in turn inspire me with their innocent delight. I am re-discovering my love of art as they grow up and go to school. It has been magical to find this passion which has laid semi-dormant when they were little. ~ @lucycarart

Gorgeous flowering gum tree flowers painting by Lucy CarPink and Green Aussie Natives – gorgeous flowering gum tree flowers.

Bouquet of flowers painting Pink and Perfume by Lucy CarPink and Perfume – bouquet of flowers painting

Daffodils yellow nodding blooms for spring painting by Lucy CarDaffodils – Yellow nodding blooms for spring.

Spring Flowers - a happy mix of European flowers by Lucy Car

Spring Flowers – a happy mix of European flowers.

Dark Blue Aussie Natives Australian flowers painting by Lucy CarDark Blue Aussie Natives – Australian flowers popping against a navy blue background.

Watermelon Vase painting by Lucy CarWatermelon Vase – a quirky still life bouquet, with not a flower in sight!

Banquet of lush tropical fruit painting by Lucy CarTropical Paradise – a banquet of lush tropical fruit.

Pink Aussie Natives Australian flowers painting by Lucy CarPink Aussie Natives – native Australian flowers with a pink colour scheme.

Wisteria and Australian robins painting by Lucy CarWisteria and Australian robins – a spectacular spring flowering plant with some contrasting orange native birds.

Green Aussie Waratahs painting by Lucy CarGreen Aussie Waratahs – a mix up of the native Australian flower which is always bright red.

Love birds painting - galahs in love paintingLove birds painting – galahs in love.

Dog Portrait painting by Lucy CarA Dog Portrait – a commission of beloved cattle dogs on an incongruous fancy chair.

Beautiful Australian birds painting by Lucy CarWonderland – a heaven of beautiful Australian birds and flowers with a rainbow colour scheme.

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