Beautiful abstract landscape by Tania Chanter

Beautiful Australian Landscape Paintings by Tania Chanter

Tania Chanter is an established artist based in Australia’s Yarra Valley. Her paintings exude passion and storytelling which are inspired by her deep connection to the beautiful Australian landscape.

Tania discovered her love of painting almost by accident after her teenage son suggested getting a couple of canvases and following one of American artist, Bob Ross’ painting tutorials. So, on a sunny afternoon under the shade of their large oak tree, Tania and her two boys focused on an iPad watching this whispering man sporting an impressive afro. Since that day Tania has painted almost every day.

Beautiful landscape art by Tania Chanter
Discovering her love for painting has not only enriched her life but also taught her a valuable lesson. Fear is a very negative and crippling emotion which can prevent you from trying new things and in so doing limits your potential. Tania isn’t talking about fear of high-risk activities and encouraging people to take risks for the sake of overcoming healthy fear, but rather overcoming fear of failure and being willing to just give it a go. Tania says: “How many times do you hear people say, ‘I couldn’t do that!’ And maybe they couldn’t, but how will they know unless they try. If “I couldn’t do that!” is based on fear or worse still, laziness, then it should be challenged and overcome. Life is a precious gift – don’t let fear rob you of enjoying a full life!”

Around Tania’s home nature overwhelms the human environment. Trees command the skyline, not buildings, and beauty rules over bitumen. Tania’s work reflects the deep inner peace she feels when outdoors, from the smell of the rich red earth in autumn and the tang of spring, to the crisp apple coldness of winter and the ochre glow of lingering summer sunset. Tania is moved by the feeling and atmosphere of a landscape. “If I’m feeling flat and lacking inspiration I go for forest walks and living in the Dandenong Ranges provides beautiful forests right on my doorstep – great inspiration! ~ @taniachanter

Meandering Billabongs landscape canvas painting by Tania Chanter

Landscape summer's splendor painting by Tania Chanter

Landscape Painting Artist Tania Chanter

Meandering Western River | Beautiful Landscape Painting on Canvas YouTube Video

Beautiful large landscape painting by Tania Chanter

Tania Chanter abstract landscape art by Tania Chanter

Abstract landscape painting by Tania Chanter

Edge of Desire abstract landscape painting by Tania Chanter

Landscape Canvas Painting by Tania Chanter

Winter Harvest Acrylic on canvas by Tania Chanter

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  1. Love Tania’s work. The rich colours and textures are mesmerising. Thanks for sharing her work.

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