Naked woman oil painting

Francien Krieg paints older women as beautifully complete nudes

Francien Krieg lives and works in the centre of the Netherlands.. Krieg paints older women as beautifully complete nudes. She acknowledges the marks time has made upon the physical body and focuses our attention to a place where physical and spiritual beauty intersect. Imagining a world in which societal pressures...
Beautiful hand painted flags

The Artworks are created with inspiration from Flags

Like many similar stories: as I remember myself I always was painting or created something. That makes me happy: process and results of creativity. I decided to transform my creativity in architecture and interior design "I successfully studied at Vilnius Art Academy, become two diplomas" and work successfully in this...
Artist Steve Simon art exhibit

Artist Seeks Answers in the Lives of Great Peacemakers

Like many of us, I feel as though humanity is hurdling toward some very troubling breaking points. About ten years ago in an almost foolhardy desire to find solutions to some of these vexing problems, I decided to start studying the lives of great peacemakers. Over the course of the...
Beautiful Ocean Resin Art by Michelle Tracey

Bringing peaceful Divine energy into souls and homes

Michelle Tracey is a fluid abstract, ocean resin, and fantasy artist living on the Central Coast NSW, Australia. Early in 2020, Michelle transition from fantasy watercolour paintings to beautiful acrylic abstract paintings on stretched canvas. Her art evolved as she followed a calling to develop a new style that connects...
Beautiful hand painted furniture services by Lorisz Gagyi Painter

Painter Lorisz Gagyi Beautiful Hand Painted on Furniture

The artist behind "L&L Furniture Art" is Lorisz Gagyi, a furniture painter from Germany, Bad Kissingen. She graduated Law University, worked in human resources, sales, administration. Never studied Art, when she was on maternity leave with her children, she started painting furniture, that was about 5 years ago. Approximately 1...
The Art of Artist Ania Tomicka

The Art of Ania Tomicka

I've always found it difficult to express myself with words, even more, if I need to talk about the meaning of my artworks. When I was young I fell in love with oil painting and, to this day, it is a passion bigger than I would be able to describe....
Human-animal hybrid Portrait Painting

Painter creates Human-animal hybrid Portraits

I am a painter, I recently graduated with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art from Arts University Bournemouth. The interests behind my artworks are concerned with actively creating change in society’s perception of the non-human, focusing specifically on the effects of human interference with the natural world. ‘The Scream I’ and...
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