Take Height Into Consideration

Decorate Your Home with Iconic Works of Art by Famous Artists

An interior outlook can be incredibly improved using painting art as decoration. A handpicked piece of painted art can change the look and feel of a space and bring joy for decades to come, making it more than just a finishing touch. Any space can benefit from the style that...
Guste Design Artist With Paintings

Gusté.Design aims to let your curiosity run wild

Educated in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, Gusté.Design merges two disciplines. Gusté helps to serve tasteful messages through unique designs and explores creative ride in painting & sculpture. Both disciplines complement each other. Graphic design gives her work structure. Meanwhile, art makes design process more creative and experimental. It's an...
John William Waterhouse art painting by Kathleen Nolan

Create Fine Art Reproduction Paintings in Oil Paint

My name is Kathleen Nolan, and I am the owner and artist of Caritas Art Studio where I create Fine Art Reproduction Paintings in oil or chalk, fashion art including hand painted clothing, as well as designing and hand sewing clothing, art photography, writing, and furniture painting. Caritas is Latin...
Aerospace artist Cathy Sik

Artist Cathy Sik Creating Modern Aerospace Art Paintings

Kateryna Sikulska, also known as Cathy Sik, is an aerospace artist from Kharkiv, Ukraine, currently residing in the USA. Being an aviation enthusiast, she likes to combine the technical side of the aerospace industry with creative representation through artworks. As a self-taught artist, Cathy began to explore different techniques and...
Leah Marie Visual Artist Leah Mariani

Melbourne Based Figurative Artist Leah Mariani

I'm a figurative artist making art about identity. I draw on my experience as a woman and a mother, and resultantly most of my work is about childhood and womanhood. These five works are from my most recent series called Made With Love. They are inspired by my sons as...
Artist Olga Matyunina watercolor paintings

Artist Olga Matyunina draws nature and animals, especially cats

Artist Olga Matyunina spends most of her life traveling. New impressions, given by the beauty of nature, kindle her creative fire. Most often, she draws nature and animals, especially cats. Thus, she embodies her childhood dream of travel, art and freedom. Olga is engaged in spiritual practices, energy and self-knowledge....
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