Beautiful artwork by Nichole McDaniel

Mixed Media Contemporary Artist Nichole McDaniel

Nichole McDaniel is a mixed media artist based out of Orange County, California. Although she has a variety of series and mediums she likes to experiment with, this year has been focused on one particular project, clouds. Clouds provide positive energy and a more fluid approach to art than what...
Fluid painting ideas by Lesley Nilsson
Abstract Art

Lesley Nilsson Creating Beauty of Fluid Art

Canadian artist Lesley Nilsson grew up in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Long obsessed with colour, mixtures and combinations, Lesley has become immersed in the beauty of fluid art and the tranquility that arises when bringing colour to life. Much of Lesley’s artistic passion and creativity comes from...
Abstract Artwork by Artist Ishika Guha
Abstract Art

Ishika Guha Self-taught Abstract Artist

Ishika Guha is a self-taught abstract artist originally from Bangladesh, currently living in London. Her works are inspired by myriads of things coming out from her real life experiences; her struggles, hopes or dreams, her day-to-day hustles or aspirations. Ishika writes poems, too and most of her artworks are heavily...
Creative Art oil painting by Jessie Novik

The Artist Jessie Novik Creative Art Therapist and Muralist in Nyc

Despite the onslaught of suffering that has been witnessed and experienced across the globe throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, this period of confinement has revitalized a deep-seated need for meaning making and personal reflection through oil painting for Jessie Novik, offering the time and space to create work that is personal,...
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