Created Amazing Portrait Artwork by Dina Gris

The Artwork Created by Artist Dina Gris

My name is Dina Gris and I am an artist from Australia. My love for art emerged ever since I could hold a pencil. My journey as an artist really began at the age of eight. This is when I started to dedicate hours, every day, to hone my craft and to express myself and thoughts when, at times, words failed me. Some of my main missions as an artist today include honouring people’s memories and legacies through my art, connecting with others and starting important conversations. I also hope to use my art and journey to encourage others to follow their dreams and aspirations, whatever they may be. Though the subjects of my original concept paintings come directly from my own encounters and passions, they are also relatable to the collective human experience. Some of those subjects include hope, healing and transcending struggles. On my canvas, I lay bare my thoughts and experiences as I embark on this incredible journey of being a woman and of being alive today. I also paint people I respect and admire who constantly motivate and keep me focused on achieving my goals.

Revival Portrait Painting by Dina Gris“Revival.” Acrylic & gold leaf on canvas.

My “Revival” painting is about a deep resilience and strength to rise back up from anything. I painted it during the lockdown, during my struggle with depression as a manifestation of the healing to come. As an open message to a viewer that I see and relate to the battles they face in the bounds of their mind that no one else knows about. This is a reminder that though we are faced with moments of adversity, there will be even greater moments of revival”. (More details about the story of the painting in the post caption here @dinagrisstudio

The Amazing Crop nipsey Art and me

Stunning woman portrait wall painting by Dina Gris

Dina Gris Artist Paintings and Murals

Beautiful model portrait painitng by Dina Gris

Realism Portrait Art by Dina Gris

Beautiful Zendaya portrait painting by Dina Gris

Woman Rihanna Paintiing by Dina Gris“I am Woman.” Acrylic & gold leaf on canvas. Painted as a tribute to singer Rihanna and in honour of International Women’s day.

Nipsey Hussle painting by Dina Gris”Nipsey Hussle.” Acrylic on canvas commission in honour of Nipsey and his legacy.

Morgan Freeman Portrait Painting by Dina Gris“Morgan Freeman.” Hyper-realistic drawing. Coloured pencil on paper.

Chadwick Boseman Portrait Drawing by Dina Gris“Chadwick Boseman.” Coloured pencil & gold leaf on paper. A tribute to an on and off-screen hero.

The Resistance La Casa de Papel Painting by Dina Gris“The Resistance.” Acrylic on canvas. Painted in honour of the series La Casa de Papel.

Aladdin Painting by Dina GrisAcrylic on canvas. Painted in 2019 as a tribute to Disney’s Aladdin.

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