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Luise Eru Digital Collage Artist

Luise Eru was born in 1998 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He is an outsider artist. Eru began to explore digital art in 2019, when he created his first digital collages. Since then his artistic career took off very quickly.

Eru already exhibited his work in various international venues, including at Doncaster Art Fair (England), the Other Art Fair (Chicago), AP Global (New York), Areanoir (London), White Paper Magazine online exhibition (Spain) and Derfner Judaica Museum in the Bronx, New York.

“I romanticize moments in life, personal discoveries that shape my personality and how they travel in images which I create in my own way.”

All his work is produced digitally. Eru first started working digitally because of the lack of resources to buy art materials. He needed an avenue to express his creativity and feelings. According to the artist, they come from a necessity of more freedom and beauty in the world. The abstract part of his work is composed with figurative elements transformed into dream-like images.

“I’m an originally digital artist, because I can practice and develop my work capturing the essence of the situation or photography, letting my mind that sees the world through screens, windows create its own. With the quarantine that I am confined at home, I have no money and I decided to dedicate myself to my dream of becoming a recognized artist.

My proposal is to transfer the emotion a man feels in never having really left his city, feeling the fear of being condemned to stay there forever, not being able to see the colors of the different seasons, in different landscapes without the glow of a digital screen on your face. And this is the way he found to express and show his real value, even if not understood. A thief of free photos, with the eyes of others, I mix them up, paint over them, I create something that my imagination transcends emotion. The digital made me believe for the little I know of art that I make digital collages, but they are collages. I explore colors, images, smiles and looks giving representation to black people, who like me are beautiful.

I would like to explore building an exhibition that transits the digital becoming real, using techniques such as fine art printing of digital works so that the digital question whether art needs to be physical to be appreciated, not just a spectrum of beauty. I am not a realist painter, nor a devotee of oil painting. But I admire both techniques. I would like to approach the subject of the emotions that black people feel, showing the passion, anguish, strength, beauty, everything that is portrayed in paintings.”

Eru creates an aesthetic narrative that contains something personal not just for him, but also for the viewer. His recent works depict mostly the political and social reality of black people – like him. ~ @luise_eru

Collage art ideas by Luise EruZero: My work represents the end of a relationship where the bottle symbolizes the relationship between the table and the person and the woman is she a strong woman who is rediscovering herself like a flower even with marks of the past relationship.

Digital art college by Luise Eru


Digital art by Luise Eru

Collage art by Luise Eru

Deus bençoa: Inspiration are things from my neighborhood that are part of the scene where I live.

Photo collage art by Luise EruFlower on asphalt: With the destruction all that remains is to plant flowers on the asphalt.

Magazine collage art by Luise EruImportant man: An important man walking down the street and being photographed for some magazine or newspaper. Not in the violent part of the issue but as someone important.

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