Artist Scott Elliott incredible digital art
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Artist Scott Elliott Incredible Hybrid Arts

My process has evolved over time. Like many artists, I started doodling when I was a kid. Over the years, I’ve developed a unique style in my art that almost always incorporates sea life or other living things presented in a surreal or abstract way.

I’ve been inspired by artists like Giger, Adonna Khare, Samual Gomez and Anton Semenov. In the past couple of years, my process has transitioned from traditional graphite or pen and ink or watercolor painting on paper to hybrid digital art. I call it hybrid digital because I take a high resolution digital photo of my completed artwork, import it to my I-Pad Pro (with Ipad pencil) and retouch with an Autodesk app called Sketchbook.

Artist Scott Elliott incredible hybrid arts

The retouching process allows me to zoom right down to the pixel level so I can work on the fine details. It also allows me to add more contrast and to blend with really smooth transitions. I’m careful not to apply too much automation with Sketchbook. What I mean by this is taking the time to draw in Sketchbook the same way I would as if on paper. Some aspects are automated such as using layers and applying a background colors that can be switched off and on. This is very helpful for producing quality PNG files that can later be used for applying my artwork to products such as t-shirts and coffee mugs that I am now selling on my website ( My hybrid digital process is not a shortcut or a way to reduce time in developing the art. I spend an average of 40 to 60 hours on each piece of original artwork and another 40 to 60 hours retouching in Sketchbook.

Face god digital art Artist Scott Elliott

Face god digital painting Artist Scott Elliott3 FACE GOD

Scarecrow Digital art drawing Artist Scott Elliott


Tribute to Giger Digital Painting Artist Scott ElliottTribute to Giger

Pelican road digital painting Artist Scott Elliott

Pelican road digital art drawing Artist Scott ElliottPELICAN TOAD

Beetlejuice digital painting Artist Scott ElliottBEETLE JUICE

Death's head moth digital painting Artist Scott ElliottDEATHS HEAD MOTH

Fish vulture digital painting Artist Scott Elliott

fish vulture digital art drawing Artist Scott ElliottFISH VULTURE

Horn Head digital painting techniques Artist Scott ElliottHORN HEAD

Seahorse digital painting Artist Scott Elliott

Seahorse drawing Artist Scott ElliottSEAHORSE

Eye in the sky digital art Artist Scott ElliottEYE IN THE SKY

Plague doctor digital painting by Artist Scott ElliottPLAGUE DOCTOR

Sun face digital painting Artist Scott ElliottSUN FACE

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