Colombian multidisciplinary artist Katty Huertas
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Multidisciplinary artist Katty Huertas

My name is Katty Huertas and I’m a Colombian multidisciplinary artist based in Washington DC. I have a background in both fine arts and graphic design and I’m inspired by maximalism and magic realism. I want people to get lost in my art and embrace the magic that surrounds us. I want to offer a new experience with every viewing by adding details and easter eggs where ever I can.

Some of these pieces are also seamless patterns which means they can be repeated with no apparent seam and be extended infinitely. By painting these complex patterns I’m fulfilling my dream of having endless cats, endless dogs, and endless plants because I believe more is more.

While these are all digital paintings, in my practice I enjoy combining analog and digital mediums such as painting, sculpture, fiber work, book arts, 3D design, and animation.

When working digitally I want to bring in the texture and feel of real materials to the screen which is why my work is also textural and has a painted quality.

Included below are pieces commissioned by LAND Studio, Texas Monthly, The Washington Post, and Adobe, as well as a couple of pieces that are personal work.

The dog pattern was commissioned by Adobe as part of their Creative Residency Fund. Since the prompt was pretty open and only involved creating a piece using the Fresco app, I decided to create a companion to my cat pattern by painting a dog version. All of the dogs are real dogs that I’ve met or that were submitted by friends and followers, the pattern also features my dog Kogui who was with my family for 18 years. ~ @kattyhuertas

Hyphenated Identities LAND Studio Illustration Art

Vaccines in Bloom and figurative darkness illustration art

The Art of Behind the Scenes. Artist and illustrator Katty Huertas

Katty Huertas Never ending leaves Illustration Art

seamless cat pattern is personal illustration art

Create a seamless pattern of dogs Illustration Art

Love in the Time of Corona Illustration Art

What If They Held an Election and Everyone Came illustration art

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