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Beautiful Digital Paintings by Artist Kathy Grillo

My name is Kathy Hartwig Grillo and I am an artist and illustrator from Michigan. Though I do experiment with various mediums I currently am doing mostly digital art.

I specialize in custom pet portraits and custom fashion illustrations. I also enjoy painting and drawing things from nature. Flowers, old gnarly trees, Old houses and buildings, I like to get into the tiny details.

After many years of putting aside my dream, I am finally beginning to put myself and my art out into the world. It has been a long journey to get here.

I have always been creative and can remember trying to draw my friends in grade school. I always looked for all the art and creative classes I could take.

In High School, I was part of an amazing advanced art class full of incredible talent. Though it was inspiring it was also intimidating as my class won every prize out there. I was honored to have won several gold key awards from the Cleveland Institute of Art and Cleveland State University art exhibits. I had a dream to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art but could not afford tuition and honestly was scared of the rejection. I instead worked to take classes at the community college. But as we know life happens.

I got married and had 3 children, a house, a husband and a dog and there really was not much time, space or money for my art. I did not do much of anything creative for about 20 years.

As my children grew older and more independent I had more time to dream again. I was out shopping one day and on a whim bought a sketchbook and a pencil set and started drawing. I haven’t stopped.

The sketching eventually led to an interest in painting. I saw some digital art on a livestream and thought it was a great way to paint without taking up space and waste. Little did I know that Christmas I would receive a tablet and painting program. I immediately started teaching myself by reading the manual and experimenting.
I actually paint digitally basically like I would paint traditionally, not using a lot of computer intervention. My canvas is just a monitor screen. So I transitioned rather easily.

Though my online art community and live streaming my creations. I was encouraged to put my art out into the world and have been creating this new life now of being an artist for the last several years. I am finally living that dream from long ago. I now dream of creating and sharing my art for the rest of my life! I also hope to be a wonderful example of it never being too late to follow a dream.

Bengal cat digital painting by Kathy GrilloBengal Cat

Jungle cat digital painting by Kathy GrilloChausie Cat

lets make art catChinchilla Persian Cat

Burmilla Cat Digital Art Tutorial on Youtube by Kathy Grillo

Pet digital painting by Kathy Grillo

Ask the Tibetian Mastiff

Custom pet portraits by Kathy GrilloBavarian Scent Hound

Flower digital painting by Kathy GrilloDahlias Flowers

dance costumes for ladiesElena Glurjidze

Red Jovani FashionsLady in Red Jovani Fashions

Dance costumesBelly Dancer Costume

Old house painting art by Kathy Grillo269 Winder St.

Old house painting by Kathy GrilloRansom Gillis House

I am very active in the social media art community and can be found on several platforms sharing Art and doing Live Art Broadcasts.

Facebook: @kathygrillodesign
Instagram: @kathygrillodesign
YouTube: @msryllo

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