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Artist Sabine Maniere Surrealist Portrait Paintings

My name is Sabine Manière. I am 48 years old and I live in Belgium. I have been creating since I was very young, I like to create my own universe, my own stories, mainly through drawing.

Beyond drawing with pencils, I discovered what the mix of artistic techniques could bring me: an imaginary world without limits. Photography and digital painting have allowed me to accentuate the emotions through the colours and nuances that I bring to my creations.
My surrealist portraits represent for me feelings that have fled, the experiences of life. I don’t impose any particular message in my portraits, everyone can find a known feeling, an emotion that recalls memories or a precise moment in our lives.
The eyes have an important place in my portraits, they are the reflection of the soul. My portraits have big eyes, this is something that is important to me. They give the whole artistic dimension to the portraits.
My artistic universe is rather fantastic, surrealistic and sometimes dark. There is always a chosen light in my portraits, a light that reminds of hope. ~ Sabine Manière

Flowers and surrealist painting by Sabine Maniere

Surrealist and emotional painting“Lost Princess” Emotional portrait

Spring Surrealist portrait by Sabine Maniere

Sawn and surrealist emotional painting

“Be Like a Swan” Surrealsit portait

Dark surrealist art by Sabine Maniere

surrealist and emotional portrait by Sabine Maniere“Wainting for my Hogwarts letter” Surrealist portrait

Emotional dark surrealist art by Sabine Maniere“I remember you” Surrealist Portrait

Dark surrealist portrait by Sabine Maniere

Dark surrealist painting by Sabine Maniere “When I’m silent” Surrealist and emotional portrait

surrealist portrait devil

Rose emotional and surrealist portrait“Under The Rose” Emotional and Surrealist portrait

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