Indian Contemporary Artist Neeti Aggarwal

Neeti Aggarwal Contemporary Artist

In the words of Thomas Merton, ‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time’.

I am a financial researcher and consultant by profession and MBA & CFA by education. In the early chapter of my life, I focused on my professional education and building my corporate career. Yet I was always passionate about art. Since childhood, Painting is akin to meditation for me, allows me to rediscover myself and creating art gave me immense personal gratification.

Initially, I was a self-taught artist for several years but to provide technical backing to my creative vigour, I completed three years ‘Diploma in Fine Arts’ in 2011 from a private institute in Delhi. There has been no looking back for me since then. I gave up a well-established full-time career to pursue my passion and have held numerous solo and group exhibitions over the last ten years.

I try to thread meaningful messages, an aura of positive vibes and pleasing aesthetics in my paintings. Most of my creations come with a composition that gives a feeling of self-content and peace. I constantly endeavour to work on different themes and each idea manifests in its own individual style.

I like to work with mixed media in layers to create a visual depth and interplay of light and colour. Often my paintings are a blend of abstract and figurative, expressing invisible depths of human emotions, thoughts and feelings that I believe are spiritual and transcendental. With each painting, I strive to innovate and express a unique thought, frequently associated with love, relationships, strengths and karmas and their changing facets with passage of time.

My love for travel has taken me across numerous countries and continents. I have also had the opportunity to live not only across different cities in India but also overseas. The experience of myriad forms of nature, culture and values often bears traces in my works, though almost all my paintings find their roots in strong Indian value system and beliefs.

Celestial Abode Mixed media and acrylic on canvas“Celestial Abode” 36 x 48 Mixed media and acrylic on canvas.

Divine Vibrations Mixed media and acrylic on canvas“Divine Vibrations” 24 x 30 Mixed media and acrylic on canvas.

Eclectic Mixed media and acrylic on canvas“Eclectic” 36 x 48 Mixed media and acrylic on canvas.

Eurythmic Mixed media and acrylic on canvas

“Eurythmic” 40 x 40 Mixed media and acrylic on canvas.

In Search of Light Acrylic on canvas“In Search of Light” 36 X 36 Acrylic on canvas.

Mystic Duality Mixed media and acrylic on canvas“Mystic Duality” 40 X 40 Mixed media and acrylic on canvas.

Mystic Voyage Cubism art Acrylic on canvas“Mystic Voyage” 36 x 48 Acrylic on canvas.

Pluralistic Acrylic and mixed media on canvas“Pluralistic” 36 x 36 Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Symbiotic Mixed media and acrylic on canvas“Symbiotic 1” 36 x 36 Mixed media and acrylic on canvas.

Neeti Aggarwal
Instagram: @neeti.aggarwal/
Facebook: @neetiaggarwalart
Studio Location: Gurugram, India


My Exhibitions

Solo Show

  • ‘Mystic Expressions’ at Beanstalk, Galaxy Hotel, Sec 15, Gurgaon, September 2013
  • India Habitat Centre, Convention Foyer, November 2013
  • Reflections, India Habitat Centre, 29-31 July 2018

Group Exhibitions

  • Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, May 2010
  • Franchise India, Ashok Hotel, New Delhi, Dec 2010
  • AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi, May 2011
  • ‘Prayog’, Delhi Collage of Art, Grand Mall, Gurgaon, August 2011
  • Art Mart, Epicenter, Gurgaon, September 2011
  • Exhibition at IREO sales gallery by Finesse Art in Gurgaon and Ludhiana, Dec 2011
  • AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi, May 2012
  • Two artist show at India Habitat centre, Covention Foyer, Nov 2012
  • Group show by Art Nouveau at Lokayata Art Gallery, Dec 2012
  • Group show by Art Nouveau at The Pinnacles, Gurgaon, May 2013
  • Group shown by Tad Arts at Hotel Courtyard Marriott, Gurgaon, May 2013
  • “Small is beautiful”, exhibition by Art Nouveau, 14-15 March, 2014, Epicenter
  • Melange, a group show of contemporary art, India Habitat centre, Delhi, Dec 2014
  • Anubhuti, a group show, India Habitat centre, Delhi, March 2016
  • Mehar, virtual art exhibition by Auraplanet, September 2020

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