Artist Ashley Thimot Creating landscape paintings

Artist Ashley Thimot creating urban landscape oil paintings

Ashley Thimot is an artist who lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta. She works primarily in oil creating urban landscape paintings of her neighbourhood and portrait paintings.


Home has taken on a new level of comfort during this pandemic. It’s where my family and I spend the vast majority of our time. With two young children, three and one, we don’t stray too far from it and when the waves of Covid would appear, neighborhood walks became the ideal way to get out of the house.

One afternoon in December 2020, my family and I were taking the dog for a walk and the sky was so pink and bright. It was gorgeous. I took a few photos and returned to them a couple of months later to paint the scene. It was my most favourite piece that I had worked on to that date. I loved how the sky made the snow and road pink and the violets and blues of the snow in the shadows. I loved how this painting demonstrated that even the most mundane scenario could be beautiful. It was the catalyst for more work to come.

I’ve never found a subject that I was more passionate about than this. I am always taking photos during our walks now. I jump in my car and drive around when the sky is magnificent and rush to capture the light with my camera. I hope that others can see the beauty around themselves as well. Lighting can change everything.

Landscape canvas painting Before Sun rise by Ashley Thimot“Before Sunrise” Oil on panel, 20″ diameter

Landscape painting Ottewell by Ashley Thimot“Ottewell in Winter” Oil on Canvas, 20″ x 20″
*This is the one that started the obsession.

Landscape painting Sun rise From The Park Corner full by Ashley Thimot“Sunrise from the Park Corner” Oil on Canvas, 36″ x 24″

Large landscape painting Ottewell Alley by Ashley Thimot

“Ottewell Alley” Oil on Canvas, 10″ x 20″

Snowy Sun rise oil painting snow landscape by Ashley Thimot“Snowy Sunrise” Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 30″

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