Denis Peterson Hyperrealism Artist

Denis Peterson: Hyperrealism Paintings and Commentary

Denis Peterson effectively unravels multi-layered social and economic issues that significantly impact our perceptions of reality. Human connectivity is seen as a lost virtue in an all-encompassing void.
His unique body of work centers on alternative realities found within artificial cultures, systemic classism and oppressive societies. Peterson’s paintings reflect an isolation of the indomitable human spirit challenged by abject impoverishment, social disenfranchisement and commodification.

Visually disturbing works by this iconoclastic artist often feature statuesque figures and stoic faces painted in deafening realism. Viewers are drawn to virtually participate through a heightened sense of verisimilitude. A perplexing illusion of space is created around subjects, depicting them as isolated and distant from us and from each other.

Peterson’s cityscapes confront the human condition with commercial billboards that comingle with people unaware of the indoctrinating social messages looming throughout his work.

Whether figurative or city scenes, his iconic paintings achieve a heightened awareness of the innumerous plights that have impact on human dignity in today’s decadent societies and in tomorrow’s world. ~ commentary by Brian Murphy ~

Gloucester Road hyperrealism painting by Denis PetersonGloucester Road – Urethane on Canvas – 36″x50″

Walkin NY Acrylics and Urethanes Painting by Denis PetersonRed Square – Acrylic and Urethane on Canvas – 60″x96″

Acrylic and oil painting in hyperrealismVortex – Acrylic and Oil on Canvas – 38″x58″ LE signed canvas print avail

Inspiring hyperrealism painting by Denis Peterson

Cardboard Dreams – Airbrushed Acrylic Gouache on Canvas – 38″x56″

Hyperrealism portrait by Denis PetersonToothbrush and a Comb – Airbrushed Acrylic Gouache on Canvas – 38″x57″

Hyperrealism acrylic painting by Denis Peterson Apocalypse – Acrylic Ink on Arches Board – 18″x24″ LE signed canvas print avail

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