Watercolor Portrait Paintings

Kelly Mills’ Watercolor Paintings Usually Tell Some Kind of a Story

My story being a watercolor artist is that I am a BOLD painter. I see detail rather than abstract. I love working with Watercolor and making it work with the detail I see, being that it is a difficult medium to work with. It has taken me years to control the way the paint is going to go and how bold or soft it will be.

I have been painting since 2003. A few basic paintings techniques was taught by a dear friend and I took it from there! So basically a self taught artist, but of course YouTube is an amazing teacher when your stuck! A lot of wasted paper and paint, some tears and frustration was used thru the years, but so worth it! I now only use the best quality I can get and that is 300lb Arches paper from Paris. It not only is amazing to work with but I am proud when I can say you are getting the best quality when you purchase one of my watercolor paintings! I have sold over 100 painting world wide, mostly in Canada as that is where I live.

I have to say I am addicted to painting, and have the opportunity to be able to paint almost daily as I am house bound due to illness!

My paintings usually tell some kind of a story! But I love when others see a whole different story behind my paintings then what I intended! But I also love to paint something totally different than other watercolor artists, novelty items you could say. People always say, would have never thought to paint something like that! So that is my story and my reason why I love to paint with watercolors! ~ Kelly Mills

The Mask watercolor painting

hidden face emotional sad girl painting

old guitar painting with watercolor

little girl portrait watercolor painting

Art of watercolor painting

Paintings Usually Tell Some Kind of a Story

game of chess painting

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