Contemporary style, Pop Art and Specialized In Portraits

Contemporary Style, Pop-art Artist Specialized In Portraits

My name is Viktoriia Kartashova, I am a Ukrainian artist working in the Contemporary style, close to Pop Art and specialized in portrait, nudity, abstraction. These are three series: “Fashion Eyes”, “Nude”, “Warm Chocolate”.

Contemporary style, Pop Art and Specialized In Portraits

Today, I present to you the most popular series “Fashion Eyes”. These are portraits of famous people who achieved worldwide success in life, but their path was not easy, they experienced a lot of good and bad things to achieve their success, so I want to show their path, as well as character, inside emotions and soul. The paintings are done using palette knife, impasto strokes with a modern bright acrylic and “clean” colors. If closely to see it seems like an abstraction, in spite of the carefully painted eyes. Eyes are a “mirror of the soul”, through them I try to look inside the characters, show the real emotions of a person. Since 2020, I began to develop the special series “3D. Fashion Eyes”. This series of portraits is my experiment, I want to show not only the multi-layers, but to go beyond the 2D canvas, I want it contains the beginning of its origin, the ideas and the process of creation, so photos, brushes, a palette knife remain with it forever. Now I present the first painting in this technic “3D. Angelina Jolie. Magnificent”, canvas, wood, mix media, epoxy resin, 124×62 cm, 2020. ~ Viktoriia Kartashova

Amiable pop art Portraits“Amiable, Brad Pitt” Acrylic on 100×100 Canvas

Angelina Jolie pop art face style“Angelina Jolie. Magnificent” Mix Media, Epoxy Resin, on 124×62 Canvas

Anne Hathaway pop art portrait style

“Anne Hathaway” Acrylic on 100×100 Canvas

Courage contemporary pop art style“Courage, Daniel Craig” Acrylic on 80×80 Canvas

Contemporary style, Pop Art and Specialized on Portraits“Elon Mask, Space” Acrylic on 80×80 Canvas

Jon Snow pop art portrait style“Jon Snow, White wolf” Acrylic on 100×100 Canvas

Keira Knightley pop art style“Keira Knightley” Acrylic on 100х100 Canvas

Daenerys Pop Art Style“Daenerys, Mother of Dragon” Acrylic on 100×100 Canvas

Portrait painting images, Pop Art“Prompt, Transporter, Jason Statham” Acrylic on 80×80 Canvas

Acrylic portrait painting Pop Art“Tyrion Lannister. Game of Thrones” Acrylic on 100×100 Canvas

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