Introspective Art Mind and Soul Exhibition

Spheres Art: Introspective Art Mind and Soul Exhibition

Having gone through unrelated, even sometimes bizarre, life circumstances, and a ton of professional education and work ranging from computer science to geology and design, I decided to zoom out and take a look at what makes most meaning when it comes to my presence here. I discovered something amazing. No matter which role and road I take on, and whether I choose consciously or subconsciously, I feel rejuvenated only when I’m able to readjust my physical resources and mental wellbeing to the level of trust and balance that I feel when I am completely honest with nature.

When I was about 10 years old, I was once playing outside on a bright summer day and accidentally ripped a leaf in half. I remember feeling hurt for doing this. In a few days, I was playing in the same place and noticed a big scar on the same leaf that closed the wound all along its length. I felt a huge sense of relief and disbelief, that the leaf took care of itself and reclaimed its life despite my silly mistake. Maybe it knew that I was hurt, and decided to live, just to make me experience this magical moment of self-forgiveness, that everything is fine. Later I used to collect leaves as a hobby, but only the dry ones that fell from trees in autumn, which made me meditate on seasons, and how nature organizes everything.

In my work, I evoque the most natural feelings that arise during my life-long dialogue with nature, and the questions about natural processes, visible and invisible, that I still have since I was a child. ~ Spheres Art

ImprintsIntrospective Art Mind and Soul Exhibition

A general representation of our mind being imprinted in nature, and nature imprinted within the mind.

Ionic Codes Introspective Art Mind and Soul Exhibition

A representation of a magical moment when ionic code connects to DNA, thus changing the molecule’s structure. This change, depending on intensity and frequency of occurrence, reflects on etheric, astral and mental planes of the human spirit.

Long Term Memory Cube, Long-Term Memory Glass CubeIntrospective Art Mind and Soul Exhibition

The glass cube is transparent, just like the human psyche is transparent to our own eyes. However, one can observe glimpses of light and information passing between the layers, just like the other levels of reality can sometimes appear to us in deformed and unexpected ways, such as dreams or premonitions. There is a clear interrelation between the inner and outer parts of the cube.

Long Term Memory Gallery Introspective Art Mind and Soul Exhibition

An amalgamation of futuristic design, and visualizations of an old everlasting and timeless process that leads to the formation of long-term memory.

Rendez-Vous With The LandIntrospective Art Mind and Soul Exhibition

We invent our own reality within the spheres of the Earth. We are all artists.


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