Val Campagna dot art

Beautiful Dot Mandala Designs on Stones

I am Val Campagna, an independent and self-taught artist. I was born in Argentina, but my adventurous spirit led me to live in various places in my country and in other countries, from Patagonia Argentina to Costa Rica and Spain. Art was always in my life, my mother drew in pencil and painted in oils, my sister embroiders and makes impressive creations on quilts and my aunt was a visual artist, three great women who influenced my life forever.

I worked in stained glass decoration for shops, decoration of large shopping centers for Christmas, I made handicrafts, silver jewelry with shells and colorful natural seeds, and four years ago I began to paint mandalas with dots. The dotillism art is an intricate technique of dots and shapes that has dazzled me since I discovered it. At first my points were grotesque, and my mandalas were not round, but that did not demoralize me, on the contrary, it made me paint, paint and paint until I was successful.

My painting is cheerful and colorful, bright and luminous, my intention is that when someone sees it or holds it in his hands, it radiates positive energy, light and joy to their life and their surroundings. May feel happy enjoying it!
Mandalas are sources of energy, since I was a child when I scribbled on a sheet of paper, unconsciously I always ended up making a mandala. They have always been in my life, but I realized it in 2017, when I stopped, when the maelstrom of life made my world change and I moved to Barcelona. There I started a journey inside me and the mandalas were the way to express it. I was looking for natural canvases, stones, tree leaves, shells, everything I found opened up a range of possibilities. I discovered that after a lot of walking on the stone beaches, I can find a natural stone, eroded by the sea, perfectly round. And it is wonderful! I feel that each stone has a life of its own, it has a history of years and years to tell us, and I am only an intermediary between its energy and the world, a bridge to put in colors what inspires its interior. I don’t draw the mandalas, I just let them express themselves, I let them flow.
I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I do. ~ @valcampagna.mandalas

Val Campagna dot mandala stone

Val Campagna mandala stones

Val Campagna dot painting ideas

Val Campagna dot art painting

mandala art on stones val campagna

Val Campagna dot art painting

Val Campagna mandala stone

Val Campagna mandala art

Dot art painting on stone val campagna

Val Campagna dot mandala painting

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