Incredible landscape painting by Rosanne Croucher

The landscape paintings of Rosanne Croucher display the splendour of our natural world

The landscape paintings of Rosanne Croucher display the splendour of our natural world. Capturing the light and mood of a place is her primary motivation, resulting in skies glowing with a sinking sun or water reflecting overcast skies and blue mountains. The places Croucher paints are rarely destinations in their own right; some are local spots that would not be considered scenic, others are views found during hikes or on the side of the road during a drive. The atmospheric conditions can bring a touch of magic to an otherwise ordinary scene, and it is these moments of seeing a landscape transformed that Croucher portrays in a painting.

Rosanne was born and lives in New Zealand, a country rich in diverse and breath-taking landscapes. While growing up holidays were spent camping at the beach, traveling around the country, or going on bush walks. This instilled in her a love of nature and discovering new sights. An enjoyment of all things art and making were also present from a young age, but it was not until studying a Fine Arts degree and subsequent Masters degree that the two interests of landscapes and art merged.

An appreciation of surrealism was another area of interest that grew during Croucher’s art degree, the concept of involving the subconscious in art making fitting well with her vivid imagination and Christian beliefs. She began incorporating surrealistic elements in her paintings as a way of adding another layer of interpretation to the realistically painted landscape- the metaphorical or spiritual. In Croucher’s recent work, this element manifests itself visually as a lone figure interacting with the landscape in a fantastical way, or an element of the landscape like a cloud breaking off into a flock of cloud-coloured birds. The increasing subtlety of this aspect in Croucher’s current work provides a depth of layers to the painting. Some viewers may only pick up the beauty of the natural landscape portrayed. Some will look for mysteries within the painting and find them, even though they were not intentionally added. Some will ponder the inclusion of something unusual and wonder what it means and what story it creates within the painting. All are valuable and personal responses that give the painting meaning and purpose.

Rosanne Croucher has been selling and exhibiting work for 7 years, with some of her works featured in Trusts and in private collections in New Zealand and around the world. She takes commissions and works in a wide range of sizes including miniature. Croucher lives in Hamilton, New Zealand with her husband and two young boys aged 3 and 2. ~ Rosanne Croucher

Hyper realistic landscape painting by Rosanne Croucher“After Yesterday” oil on canvas, 28×43, 2020.

Incredible landscape art by Rosanne Croucher“Blue Recess” oil on linen, 12×12, 2020.

Riverside paintingby Rosanne Croucher“Days Unwinding” oil on canvas, 20×30, 2020.

Hyperrealism landscape painting by Rosanne Croucher

“Quiet Waters” oil on canvas, 16×12, 2020.

Oil painting landscape images by Rosanne Croucher“Narrow Path” oil on aluminium panel, 10x 8, 2020.

Hyperrealism landscape painting by Rosanne Croucher“Raising Passages” oil on canvas, 24×36, 2020.

River and landscape painting by Rosanne Croucher “Remnant” oil on linen, 12×12, 2020.

Realism riverside painting by Rosanne Croucher“Rotoiti (Little Lake)” oil on canvas, 30×40, 2020.

Landscape art painting by Rosanne Croucher“Until Mountains Moved” oil on board, 9×12, 2020.

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