beautiful gorilla sculpture by wildlife artist Olivier Bertrand

Turning Cardboard into extraordinarily amazing life size animal sculptures

If I sculpt cardboard today, it is largely by chance that I have to. It all started 2 years ago, in 2018. At that time, I have been working as a web designer for 15 years, and I find myself immobilized at home for several months due to a knee injury. I then start, to spend time, to recover the boxes which I stored to create a bust of the Gorilla. I quickly get into the game and finally realize the entire animal, life-sized, in my living room. What was only a hobby will quickly become my job, because my entourage discovering the animal, encourages me to present it to the public, and I, therefore, apply to the Art Capital fair, which takes place at the Grand Palais in Paris. Under the glass roof of the Grand Palais, 40,000 people have the opportunity to discover the Gorilla its first exhibition. The sculpture awards at the Bronze Medal event. Since then, I have stopped my activity as a web designer and devote myself entirely to the sculpture of cardboard, for my greatest pleasure. I feel like I’m living a fairy tale.

Since then, this first work has received numerous awards, including the WildlifeArtistOftheYear, animal behavior category in London, and went to Venice for the filming of the hit series Riviera, broadcast on Sky Atlantic.

“This special piece fascinates me in many ways. It puts me in my place. Olivier has represented this powerful and majestic subject using a fragile, almost casual material, which gives this sculpture a unique character and voice. For within it there also are a gentleness and resonance that not only reflects the true nature and behavior of the gorilla, but perhaps also points a finger to the viewer to consider his behavior and attitude towards endangered species such as these. ” Simon Trapnell

“This magnificent feat of artwork demonstrates, to me, what expression in art is all about. Mighty and delicate, heavy and light in movement. The sheer Gorilla scale a sight to be reckoned with! The craftsmanship and commitment to create something with the materials we have so easily, readily around us, is both genius and pure. I wish I could have seen this in the flesh!” Emily lamb ~ Olivier Bertrand

Cardboard into extraordinarily amazing life size animal sculptures

Gorilla sculpture by wildlife artist Olivier Bertrand

turns cardboard into amazing animal sculptures

Extraordinarily amazing life size animal sculptures

Wildlife sculpture by Olivier Bertrand

Artist turns cardboard into amazing animal sculptures

creates extraordinarily amazing life sized animals

Artist turns cardboard into amazing human sculptures

cardboard japanese samurai art

cardboard spartan sculpture in cardboard


  1. The world of nature is a wonderful place. Thank you for reminding me with your original natural talent.

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