The Art of Artist Ania Tomicka

The Art of Ania Tomicka

I’ve always found it difficult to express myself with words, even more, if I need to talk about the meaning of my artworks.

When I was young I fell in love with oil painting and, to this day, it is a passion bigger than I would be able to describe.

I love studying about new techniques, about old masters, materials, mediums, and everything concerning this beautiful world, and by doing so, I am able to express my inner worlds and discover something new about myself with each painting.

When my adventure with international exhibitions begun, I was interested mainly in pop surrealism and big eyes, but slowly I discovered more and more new and old masterful painters and my interests shifted a little bit towards more classical representation, although I still think about myself as a surrealist.

The change brought me to a challenge: I didn’t think painting big eyes represented me anymore but I never liked representing realistic features in faces, except for learning purposes; I found it natural to make that part black or without a concrete shape. I think it also suits my personality very well, I am very introverted and enjoy my inner world rather than the external one.

So if I have to explain why there are no faces in my paintings I would say that it is a link with the inner self. It can represent moments of profound reflection, but it can also vary and differentiate from viewer to viewer, I always enjoyed others’ interpretations about my paintings. ~ Ania Tomicka

figure surrealist painting“Phoenix” oil on linen, 60x90cm

Below oil painting on large canvas“Below” oil on large canvas, 30x40cm

Lucidity oil on linen by Ania Tomicka“Lucidity” oil on linen, 20x25cm

stuck oil painting by Ania Tomicka

Insomnia surrealist oil painting“Insomnia” oil on canvas, 70x100cm

Salvation Oil painting by Ania Tomicka“Salvation” oil on linen canvas, 50x60cm

Nocturne Oil figure painting“Nocturne” Oil on canvas, 70x100cm

nocturne oil painting, Figure oil painting“Nocturne” oil on linen canvas, 70x100cm

realistic figure oil painting“The Void Guardian” oil on linen canvas, 30x40cm

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