Surrealism paintings by Vivien Szaniszlo

Vivien Szaniszlo Hungarian based Surrealist Painter

I am a self-taught, Hungarian based surrealist painter. Mostly I express myself through women portraits and complex woman paintings; usually, I use vivid colors to ‘speak’ by my brushstrokes. I love to put dark twists in my art; one of the most important things is for me to motivate people to think by my paintings. I would like to pull them out of the monotonous comfort zones. I like to capture the dark sides of the human soul; I choose themes that we can speak about hardly with words. Many times I mix my female portraits with elements of nature, with animals or in lots of cases with skeletons and bones. I would like to remind everyone that we are part of Mother Nature, not lords of it. I find pleasure to catch something aboriginal, spiritual in the connection in human relationships, painting what kind of conjunction we have with each other and with ourselves.

I always try to fill up my pictures, my characters with deep emotions and powerful contents. I would like to help with my art. Help to see that we are nearly fighting with the same demons, but we will find the solutions. In my opinion painting is a communication without words; we can understand each other, no matter what language we speak.
I choose my topics with great dedication and care, which often process my own experiences and spiritual events. We are all the children of the Universe, the stardust always sparkling in our veins. ~ Vivien Szaniszlo

surrealist art painting by Vivien SzaniszloEnjoy the show while the world revolves within me

Isolation from myself surrealist painting by Vivien SzaniszloIsolation from myself

surrealist oil painting by Vivien SzaniszloCamouflage

Sweet taste of my melancholy surrealist painting by Vivien Szaniszlo

Sweet taste of my melancholy

The fortune teller surrealism style by Vivien SzaniszloThe fortune teller

Falling apart in the dark paradise surrealist painting by Vivien SzaniszloFalling apart in the dark paradise

Never forget to smile surrealist painting by Vivien SzaniszloNever forget to smile

Presence surrealist painting by Vivien SzaniszloPresence

surrealism art painting by Vivien SzaniszloI almost felt something when you destroyed me

surrealist painting by Vivien SzaniszloNothing is as harmful to my health as loving you

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