Human-animal hybrid Portrait Painting

Painter creates Human-animal hybrid Portraits

I am a painter, I recently graduated with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art from Arts University Bournemouth. The interests behind my artworks are concerned with actively creating change in society’s perception of the non-human, focusing specifically on the effects of human interference with the natural world.

‘The Scream I’ and ‘The Scream II’ are large scale figurative, vibrant oil paintings on linen portraying human-animal hybrids. They are painted in a cropped perspective focusing on the main features of the face; the eyes, nose and mouth- something we share with all animals. This cropped view gives an intimate yet uncomfortable feel for the audience where the face is bigger than life, appearing as if its attempting to break out of the canvas or trapped within it. It also forces the audience to question what is actually happening due to the lack of information around the face, the fingers for example of something or someone are manipulating the face. Because of this, the imagery becomes very impersonal, this could be anyone anywhere.

Each painting is made with the intention of achieving a hyperreal style, this allows for the audience to relate to each subject from a distance as well as up close as the materiality of the paint can be seen throughout our own bodies. The subjects are of people, but they are not portraits. They contain a sense of horror and disgust that repels yet attracts the viewer simultaneously, encapsulating something that is grotesque yet beautiful at the same time. – This is something that I carry within all of my paintings. ~ Sadie Aston Art

Surrealistic Half Human Half Animal painting“Intergration of two species” Oil on Canvas 120x120cm

Human-animal hybrid Portrait“Endandgered Primates” Oil on Linen 120x120cm

A Representation of Panic painting“A Representation of Panic” Oil on canvas 60x100cm

the scream oil painting

“The Scream I” Oil on linen 110x140cm

The Scream portrait“The Scream II” Oil on linen 140x110cm

Eye close up the scream artCLOSE UP the scream I

Close up the scream paintingCLOSE UP the scream II

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