Self Taught Belgium Artist

Self Taught Belgium Artist Liuba Efremian, Textured Acrylic Paintings

My name is Liuba Efremian, I am a self-taught artist, based in Belgium. I had drawn since I was 2, and played around with watercolors and acrylics a time or two, but it didn’t really “take” for me. I fell in love with the texture of acrylic paint, the give and take between the brush and stretched canvas.

There’s something honest and beautiful about the art of painting. I also practice watercolor art, when I don’t have enough time for acrylics. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer for my lessons, so pushing pigment around on a stretched canvas makes me feel alive. I love textured surfaces so I use modeling gels, acrylics and gold leaves go get on a canvas what I imagined.

Now I’m in search of my own style of art. This is a long-standing way, and I believe that there’s no other option but just to exceed all expectations. ~ Liuba Efremian

Self taught artist flower painting“Blue Flower” Painting Acrylic On 20×20 Canvas

self taught flower painting“Shining Flower” Acrylic Paint on 24×30 Canvas

self taught flower painting on canvas“Blue Flower” Painting with Acrylic Paint on 20×20 Canvas

self taught nature painting

“A Song of Ice and fire (Inspired by GOT)” Acrylic Paint on 50×50 Canvas

Self Taught Painting Artist“Sunrise in a Golden Forest” Painting with Acrylic Paint on 25×25 Canvas

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