Johnny Papercuts Artist Creates Beautiful Paper Art

Johnny Papercuts Sculptures Inspired by Everyday Interactions In Life and Desire

East London paper artist Johnny Papercuts aka John Meacher spent most of his life balancing music projects with working in business intelligence, both are very different but are also very maths based. As time went on, I found my focus became more and more on the visual side of things be it a band logo, a cd booklet, a poster or a website. Eventually, once the band had wound down, I found myself drawn into the realm of paper art and Kirigami because of how tactile and accessible paper is and how I could combine my existing skillset. Inspiration comes from all over but especially family, geometry, textures, music, cats, lateral thinking, space and the cosmos. Although I mainly focus on cardstock as the main material nothing is off-menu if the piece requires something extra.

Paper Cut Artist Creates Beautiful 3D Paper Art“Conifer Tree Paperart”

My paper sculptures are inspired by my everyday interactions in life and my desire for a creative outlet outside of my very dry analytical day job as an analytics manager for a global law firm. The creative process usually begins with an idea popping into my head which usually happens at awkward times like just as I’m going to bed or in a long meeting at work, from there I will go straight to paper where I draw the idea onto the back before cutting. The main plan is to keep the process away from computers and back to more hands-on methods as I spend enough time in front of a screen already so I rarely plan out the idea aside from what’s in my head. I try to make every cut different so I will often look at new shapes, paints, techniques or textures to try to incorporate into a piece hoping to keep the creativity flowing whilst employing the skills I’ve learned from my band days where I was often called upon to make visual mediums to promote the music.

Being of Scandinavian descent my work tends to have a more modern and clean style to it which I feel helps bring a calming and uncluttered feel to each piece, something I am always seeking to achieve in my everyday life.

Paper Cut Artist Creates Beautiful 3D Paper Art“Cumulus Sculpture”

Artist creates amazing paper art“Paper Cut Leadlight”

Paper Crafts for Home Decoration

“Miele Papercut Design”

Paper Cutting Art Designs“Omnific Paper Sculpture”

Paper Designs for Decoration“Samara Sculpture”

Paper Design Cutting“Set in Stone”

Paper Sculpture DIY“Papercut Starla Sculpture”

Paper Cutting Art Designs“The Smoking Mirror”

Paper Crafts for Home Decoration“Thoughts Untie Me”

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  1. Absolutely stunning! I m so pleased with this unique piece of art, and the communication, delivery and packaging were fantastic. Thank you ??

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