Artist Christine Kirk Designs and Creates Stunning Paper Sculptures
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Artist Christine Kirk Designs and Creates Stunning Paper Sculptures

Artist Christine Kirk designs and creates paper sculptures she calls “Paper Meditations” in her home studio in suburban Pennsylvania. Her unique art form began more than twenty years ago when she was looking for a way to decorate her home on a budget. Since then, her pieces have won awards in gallery exhibitions and art fairs. In addition, Christine earned the prestigious status of Master Artisan with the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen in 2019.

Christine earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors from Parsons School of Design and enjoyed a career as a graphic designer in the New York metropolitan area before starting a family and developing her unique form of art. Now retired, with her children grown and on their own, Christine devotes much of her time to creating Paper Meditations. ~ Christine Kirk

Amazing Papercraft Sculpture ArtistTri-Tone Burst (I am holding)

Artist Statement

My paper art is inspired by the unique sculptural qualities of paper and my own desire to explore these qualities beyond conventional crafts like origami, quilling and collage. I begin my process with what I call “playful exploration:” I look for new ways to bend, fold, curl, cut, tape and glue paper. By meditating on these intriguing shapes, forms, shadows and patterns that emerge, I find the inspiration for a piece. Finally, I employ technical skills that I developed as a graphic designer to execute the concept.

My pieces are meant to elicit a calming mindfulness and bring the observer “into the moment” through his or her own thoughtful meditation. I hope my work promotes the notion that beauty is all around us — even in ordinary things. It is with great joy and satisfaction that I can release the potential of paper as a unique sculptural medium with my Paper Meditations.

Artist Transforming Everyday Paper Into Beautiful Work of Art“Organic Alliance”

Amazing Papercraft Sculpture Artist“Hypnotic II”

spirographic - Amazing Papercraft Sculpture Artist


cosmic waves paper sculpture diy“Cosmic Waves”

paper sculpture - Amazing Papercraft Sculpture Artist“Metric Meditation”

paper sculpture artist“Four Squares”

paper sculpture Amazing Paper art Sculpture Artist“Polaris”

paper sculpture diy Amazing Paper art Sculpture Artist“Quilted Elegance”

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