Self-taught Artist Alyssa Lowiec

Self-taught artist across a wide variety of mediums

With her passion for art beginning at a young age, Alyssa Lowiec, 23, is an Arkansas native & self-taught artist across a wide variety of mediums. She takes her inspiration from National Geographic Society, National Audubon Society, getting out & enjoying the natural beauty of North Eastern Arkansas & watching episodes of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Making art has always been a vehicle for expressing herself & a creative outlet to break away from the mundane.

Presently, her favorite mediums to use are gouache, colored pencil & acrylic in a surrealist style. Her main focuses are the flora & fauna of the world, including species that are at risk of endangerment. She draws the viewer in with her bold use of color, depth, & contrast, & enjoys capturing the unique charisma & spirit of each animal she portrays. She created her page Illusory Imprint in June 2020 as a way to display her artwork. Go to @IllusoryImprint to see more of her work!

Bird painting watercolor by Artist Alyssa LowiecFall Visitor 5″x7″ watercolor painting

Serenity boat watercolor paintingSerenity 5″x7″ gouache & watercolor painting

Deer watercolor painting‘Deerly’ Loved 9″x12″ watercolor painting

Frog holding a flower watercolor painting

Hang in There! 5″x7″ watercolor painting

Rooster painting Artist Alyssa LowiecRooster 9″x12″ watercolor painting

Sunflowers watercolor painting Artist Alyssa LowiecSunflowers 5″x7″ watercolor

Tiger painting Artist Alyssa LowiecKing of the Jungle 11″x16″ acrylic

Sea turtle drawing Artist Alyssa LowiecGreen Sea Turtle 9″x12″ gouache and colored pencil

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