Unique Mixed Media Textile Arts

Unique Mixed Media Textile Arts

My name is Maryna Lukach from Ukraine. I am a theater director, photographer, and textile artist.

I am grateful that God blessed me with energy, talents, and the ability to work hard. All these make my life to be of high quality. In this plane is the realization of the potential, to have all the reasons to be happy every day, enjoy the feedback, and live in the community of people that I love. I develop my talents. They feed me emotionally, materially, spiritually, and meditatively. It is an ongoing spiral of the quality of my life.

Unique Mixed Media Textile Arts

In my art, I interweave different techniques: textile collage, batik, embroidery, quilting, weaving, painting, photography.

I love the Lord, my family, technical progress, visual art, and successfully woven phrases in books. I am learning to forgive, accept, and be obedient to my husband. I find reasons to be happy every day.

My artwork continues to live in private collections of Ukraine, the United States, England, Italy and Germany, Russia, UAE, Holland, Austria, Cyprus. ~ Maryna Lukach


This is very tactile! My artwork is often touched. The texture is attractive. A variety of materials from hard cold stones to delicate lace expands the range of emotions. Now, these mini canvases frame the notebook: your diary, archive of impressions, planner, bachelorette party, sketchbook, and just a keeper of poems and events.Unique Mixed Media Textile Arts

Unique Mixed Media Textile Arts

Wedding Guest Book, Family Archive Book, Birthday Gift, Diary, Journal. The cover is made in mixed media: textile collage, embroidery, beads, mother-of-pearl, sequins, hand stitching, machine stitching, organza flower, magnet clasp. The fabric is hand-painted. Unique Mixed Media Textile Arts

Macaw parrots, Love Birds Art… Love will always find еру way. The person who sees the drawing of the heart understands that in this simple drawing there is a great symbol of love that goes beyond issues of nationality, religion, and color. Love always finds a way and overcomes everything. Love created this world. Love can forgive. Love inspires, exalts, and fills our hearts with gratitude. Love is the essence, meaning, and life. There are no boundaries for love. Unique Mixed Media Textile Arts

Unique Mixed Media Textile Arts

“Jellyfish”. Mixed media: batik, textile collage, beads. Unique Mixed Media Textile Arts

Unique Mixed Media Textile Arts

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  1. To celebrate Earth Day this year, which falls on April d, I decided to do this very process-oriented solar system mixed-media art project with my campers! It is truly perfect for every age, from preschoolers to middle schoolers. It is a two day process and an exploration of circular shapes, painting with droppers, and deep atmospheric colors.

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