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Beautiful Seascape Paintings by Artist Alesia Habovych

Alesia Habovych is an artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. She is in love with painting seascapes and recently wanted to share some experience that she has with all who are interested in this skill. Alesia had teaching classes online and in the studio, also she made three tutorials on YouTube (free for watching). It is very interesting for her to find out how students easily accomplish things they couldn’t have done without support.

As a university-educated journalist, Alesia knows that the information we learn depends on our ability to grasp the details, the little things that can play a decisive role in the end.

As an artist who understands that dogmas need to be broken sooner or later (at least in art), she rejoices when people share unique artworks, even though they have done them in the same master class.

She rejoices every time people are happy to get the puzzle they are missing to achieve their goal. Alesia says, that it is pure inspiration and pleasure.

Seascape Paintings by Alesia Habovych

She also started working with a group of children just as a hobby and is happy to watch how they learn to believe in themselves, thanks to creativity (they don’t even draw, just create paper crafts).

At the start, there were those who did not believe in themselves as soon as they could not do something.

She explained to them that the result they get (even if it does not seem perfect to them now) is also a result.

Moreover, experience will help them do better.

After six months of classes, they make the same beautiful paper crafts as the children, who initially showed a propensity for this kind of art.

Therefore, Alesia can confidently say: “Do not be afraid of a clean canvas. Create, express yourself. It is lovely and beautiful and the whole world of dreams is opened for us!” ~ Alesia Habovych

Sea storm painting in acrylicPainting seascape in acrylic

Seascape paintings“Way To The Burning Heart” Sea Storm Painting, Acrylic on Linen 40x60cm

ocean waves paintings

“Bridge From The Depth To The Sky” Original Painting, Acrylic on Linen 60x45cm

seascape painting acrylic paint“Ocean canvas wall art” acrylic on linen canvas, 60x80cm.

big wave painting“Caribbean memories ocean wall art” Original Art Painting, Acrylic on Linen 50x40cm.

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