Amazing fluid painting by Elisa

Create Beautiful Fluid Paintings by Artist Elisa

Elisa explores fluid forms, reactions and crystallization process of paint combined with chemical substances and minerals that give place to topographies that recall bird-eye views of natural reliefs. These fluid organic paintings present the magic of the unexpected and the beauty of chaos.

She focuses on the nature of complex formations out of the free will of fluid matter. The formal experimentation dwells in exploring the color psychology of fluid paint, and the observation of the random fusions and chemical reactions that take place when certain substances are added. These chemical reactions give birth to topographies that create small-scale relief formations similar to earth views. This is because the nature of the fluid matter works the same way, be it in large or small scale, working in fractal sequences and organizing inextricable shapes that show the beauty of letting nature work its own way; the magic of the unexpected, the beauty in chaos, and the inability to control that which lives by the rules of hazard.

Her interest dwells in sensory perception and the emotional poetry aroused in the viewer who gets lost inside a cosmic experience, which takes into account 4 contrasting concepts: chaos and serenity, movement and calm.

She’s also interested in exploring the soothing strain provoked by this contrast of calm and movement, chance and the attempt of control over everything, of overwhelming information in front of a peaceful presence that impregnates the canvas.

The constant movement is engraved in each of the fluid waves, in an eternal development with no return, in which everything flows and evolves. We live in a constant flux of time, unconscious to the uncertainty of life’s constant change, which we constantly try to control. Truth is, we have no power over almost anything, life is a constant work in progress with no end and its randomness and change of plans confront us with a reality: that which we do not control, we should let go of. ~ Elisa de la Torre

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