Animal tiger painting by Sophie Green

Artist Sophie Green using art to raise awareness for wildlife and nature conservation

Sophie Green is an award-winning wildlife and conservation artist from the UK. Her photorealistic pieces depict the beauty and vulnerability of the natural world and its inhabitants, whilst simultaneously raising awareness for issues surrounding conservation and the environment. Sophie is self-taught; having spent her childhood drawing and painting animals and honing her skills into adulthood, before embarking on a career as a fine artist.

“I spent a lot of my childhood fascinated by animals and wildlife in an almost infatuated reverence. I was a peculiar, but strongminded child and I would bury myself in information books about wildlife, beg my mum to buy me animal encyclopedias and use the computer at school to research different breeds of cats and dogs. As I got older, I would paint and draw animals with my older brother, who is extremely talented. He would give me pointers on light sources, shadows, proportions and colour theory. I guess he was my first and last art teacher and after that, I went in my own direction.”

Penguin painting by Sophie Green

Since embarking on a career as a fine artist and founding the online art gallery and store, Art Basket, 10% of her profits have gone to wildlife and conservation causes. Sophie also regularly donates to charity art auctions and exhibitions, as well as using her social media platforms to raise awareness for issues surrounding animal welfare and the environment.

“It is my belief that everybody is responsible for making the world a better place and living harmoniously within the natural world. Whether that’s by educating others, making lifestyle changes or taking a stand. If everybody contributes in some small way, then we can start moving in the right direction and gain some momentum. Using my art to raise awareness and money for important conservation causes is the best way that I know how to make a difference, because I put passion and love into it. I guess on some level, I always knew that if I could use my art to make a difference, I would. I draw inspiration from wildlife and nature; it’s only fair that I give back to it too.”

In 2020, Sophie won the Leisure Painter People’s Choice award for her donated piece, ‘Black Rhinoceros’, in the Explorers Against Extinction charity auction. She has also been shortlisted for prizes such as; Sketch for Survival Invitational Artist Award, Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize and was a commended artist in the VAO International Emerging Artist Prize.

Meet the artist Sophie Green for wildlife and nature

Tiger painting by Sophie Green

Rhino art by Sophie Green

Peacock painting by Sophie Green

Animal tiger painting by Sophie Green

Polar Bear painting by Sophie Green
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