Daniela Castro Fashion and Pattern Designs
Fashion Illustration

Fashion and Pattern Designer Daniela Castro

I´m inspired by fashion, vintage art references, and Brazilian exuberant nature. Bold and saturated colors are my signature both for print, pattern designs and illustrations.

As an illustrator, I combine both traditional and digital techniques. I’m constantly testing new ways to express ideas! My favorite materials are watercolor, colored pencils, and Photoshop.

Drawing has always been present in my life and connected to my professional experiences.
My first degree was in Architecture, years later, I graduated in Fashion Styling, which led me to a 15-year career in the market, specializing in Art Direction and Print Pattern Design.

My biggest goal is to use creativity to collaborate with companies and clients, adding value through art and design. ~ @danielacastro_studio

Dolce Vita Lifestyle Italian Woman by Daniela Castro

Printemps stylish illustration by Daniela Castro

Birds and Floral pattern dress illustration by Daniela Castro

Shein Flower and Leaf Pattern Dress illustration by Daniela Castro

Texture girl drinking coffee illustration by Daniela Castro

Beautiful illustration woman lying on bed and watching cell phone

Tanger Black girl style dress illustration by Daniela Castro

Heels Fashion illustration Candy by Daniela Castro

Cake food illustration by Daniela Castro

Antipasti food illustration by Daniela Castro


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