Surreal Artist Sandra Yagi

The Artwork of Sandra Yagi

Science, zoology and an obsessive curiosity for the macabre provide the fuel for my subject matter. My work is inspired by the natural sciences as well as by the traditional drawing and painting techniques of the old masters, including anatomical studies by artists such as Andreas Vesalius and Bernhard Siegfried Albinus.

My work incorporates anatomical imagery to explore the human psychological condition and humanity’s affect on the natural world. Cutaway skulls are used to portray our basic human drives and the thin veneer of humanity overlaying our animal nature. Conjoined twin skeletons contrast figures with a natural deformity undertaking great feats of athleticism and grace. My most recent work invites the viewer to contemplate the ephemeral and impermanent nature of existence. My recent series of paintings juxtaposes imagery of birds and butterflies, symbolic of the soul, with skeletons. ~ @sandra_yagi

Ring of Fire oil on panel skeleton paintingRing of Fire oil on panel 18×24

Yagi Anatomy Lesson surrealism artAnatomy Lesson Oil on panel 11×14

Octoskull Oil on Panel surrealism artOctoskull Oil on Panel 24×24

Yagi fred and ginger skeleton painting

Fred and Ginger oil on panel 10×10

Yagi hatching death surrealism art ideasHatching Death oil on panel 12×16

Yagi Longing for ephemeral surrealism oil paintingLonging for the Ephemeral oil on panel 24×20

Yagi Madonna painting of the wild Madonna of the Wild oil on panel 20×16

Metamorphosis oil on panel surrealism paintingMetamorphosis oil on panel 20×24

Yagi bubble gum machine surreal artBubblegum machine oil on panel 24×12

Inner Venom oil on panel surrealism artInner Venom oil on panel 16×16

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