Realistic Illustration Portraits by Yasar Vurdem

Incredibly Realistic Digital Portrait Illustrations by Yaşar Vurdem

I am Yaşar Vurdem, based in Turkey. I am a freelance artist and digital illustrator. I love to create realistic and vibrant portraits. I studied Fine Arts faculty and a master’s degree with a thesis about digital illustration. I work freelance for my illustrations. I did work with many singers, actors, and models around the world. In 2021 I did work with Adobe and Amazon Prime. My Billie Eilish illustration on Adobe billboards in the U.S. Also, my Billie Eilish illustration is shown on screen before Billie Eilish’s 2022 World tour concerts.

I focused on portraits and realism. My illustrations also have vibrant, vivid colors. I love to play with vivid colors on the skin. I love to reflect the moods of portraits deeply. I love to paint details such as hair strokes, skin textures, and reflections. I can say that digital illustration is the passion of my life. Creating, hardworking, and portraits are my passion. I am also creating video tutorials, and brushes for digital artists. ~ @yvurdem

Bella Hadid realistic digital portrait by Yasar VurdemBella Hadid Digital Illustration

Billie Eilish realistic digital portrait illustration by Yasar VurdemDigital Portrait Painting of Billie Eilish

Curly and Butterfly Digital illustration portrait by Yasar VurdemBeautiful Curly and Butterfly Creative Portrait Illustration

Realistic Digital Portrait Illustration Tutorial Video

Fox and Girls Digital Art by Yasar Vurdem

Fox and Girls Digital Art

Gal Gadot realism digital portrait illustration by Yasar VurdemWonder Woman Illustration

Hoyeon Jung realism digital illustration by Yasar VurdemBeautiful Sky, Digital Portrait of a Girl

Natalie Portman Beautiful illustration Portrait by Yasar VurdemNatalie Portman, scene from Closer Movie

Create Realistic Digital Portrait Tutorial Video

Digital Portrait Beautiful Woman Flowers by Yasar VurdemGirl and Flowers Realistic Digital Portrait Illustration

Rey digital illustration portrait by Yasar VurdemRey from Star Wars movie, this illustration shows two side of character, Dark side and lightside

Scarlet Witch digital Illustration by Yasar VurdemScarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) Character

Zendaya digital portrait by Yasar VurdemZendaya Illustration

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