Izabela Firlova's Fashionable Crochet Dresses

Izabela Firlova’s Fashionable Crochet Dresses

Fashion is very important to me, once I took the hook and yarn I couldn’t stop making fashionable wearable pieces. It makes me very happy, I am so passionate about it, that I can´t imagine not crocheting every day. What I love about it that it gives me so much freedom to create something, that doesn´t exist yet but lives in my mind. I take inspiration from nature, trends, other creators and make all the things, that I would gladly wear. Crocheting can be very modern and up-to-date, it develops your imagination and gives activity and exercise for your hands. I love making all the clothing pieces, I make tops most of the time, but I love making dresses and bigger garments. Dresses I make are often for some kind of event, it usually inspires me and gives me an excuse to make a special dress for a special time. ~ Izabela Firlova

Izabela Firlova's crochet summer dressThe sunny dress great for the summer

Izabela Firlova's fashionable crochet top dressThe Guatemala top, can be tied in the front and back with a bow or without

Izabela Firlova's Fashionable Crochet Dresses Cinderella dress and a skirt, great set for formal events

Izabela Firlova's rose dress ball gown

The Rose dress ball gown, my longest and biggest project I made yet

Izabela Firlova's Fashionable Crochet Dresses The peacock top, fun, colorful and cute

Izabela Firlova's Fashionable Crochet Dresses Fairy romper looks like a dress, but it is a romper

Izabela Firlova's Fashionable Crochet Dresses Tinkerbell dress – my first dress

Izabela Firlova's cinderella dress and a skirtCinderella dress and a skirt made for my friends wedding

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