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Veronika crochet patterns

Veronika Crochet Designer

I was taught the very basics of crochet as a young girl by my mum who is a keen crafter to this day. I fell in love with it instantly and proceeded to make everything crochet- pencil cases, handbags, bracelets and gift them to mum and all my friends. Distracted...
Stunning Crochet Dresses Izabela Firlova

Izabela Firlova’s Fashionable Crochet Dresses

Fashion is very important to me, once I took the hook and yarn I couldn't stop making fashionable wearable pieces. It makes me very happy, I am so passionate about it, that I can´t imagine not crocheting every day. What I love about it that it gives me so much...
Handmade Crochet Bags by Adriana Melo

Crochet Bag Designs by Adriana Melo

My name is Adriana Pessoa de Melo, I'm a Brazilian, and I live in Belem, Brazil. Since my youngest age, I used to do Crochet. Since 2018 I'm getting deeper passionate by this Art. What lead me to do my first clutch and started this project last year, and I'm...
Stylish crochet bags | Nina Biserova

Stylish crochet bags by Nina Biserova

Inspired by her home city of St Petersburg, Nina Biserova is the lead designer and manufacturer of one-of-a-kind handcrafted bags. After working many years on knitted and crocheted clothes and accessories for international clientele, she has transferred her talent to exclusively producing bags. Creating handmade accessories is her passion and...

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