Girl fashion face illustration by Gosia Zimniak
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Gosia Zimniak – lifestyle and fashion illustrations

Gosia Zimniak – freelance illustrator, based in Poland. I have been working as a freelancer for over 10 years.

I love creating feminine lifestyles and fashion illustrations and I usually work for enterprising women –inspiring girl bosses. With my illustrations, I help create: beautiful products (notebooks, mugs), outstanding publications (books, ebooks), distinctive and remembered brand image.

Drawing is my great life passion. I have been creating and drawing since I was a child. I once wanted to be a fashion designer, which is probably why I like to create fashion illustrations so much now.

On my Instagram, I share client’s works but also personal projects – illustrations that are inspired by women, fashion and… coffee. My goal is to create illustrations that are not only beautiful but also inspiring and motivational. ~ @gosiazimniak

Portrait of Anja Taylor-Joy Fashion Illustration by Gosia ZimniakPortrait of Anja Taylor-Joy

Fashion illustration art by Gosia ZimniakFashion illustration inspired by Carolina Herrera’s collection

My Dreams and Goals Lifestyle illustration by Gosia ZimniakMy Dreams & Goals Lifestyle Illustration

The power of coffee and a girl Lifestyle illustration

Never underestimate the power of coffee and a girl with a dream. Lifestyle Illustration!

Illustration Cover Karolina Kizinska's bookIllustration for the cover of Karolina Kizinska’s book. This is a business guide for women who want to create an online business and earn money from their knowledge.

Girl Holding Planet Balloons Illustration Drawing by Gosia ZimniakGirl Holding Planet Balloons Illustration Drawing

Reading never goes out of style illustration by Gosia ZimniakReading never goes out of style illustration

The books are intended for people working in HR illustrationI illustrated and created covers for Karolina Niedzielska’s book series. The books are intended for people working in HR.

Fashion illustration inspired by UterqueFashion illustration inspired by Uterque

Weekend mood Lifestyle illustration by Gosia ZimniakWeekend mood Lifestyle illustration

Me and girl bosses illustration drawn by meMe and girl bosses drawn by me. This graphic perfectly shows what I love about working with enterprising women – in high heels or sneakers – each is different, and each has her own dreams and goals. It inspires me.

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