Fashion illustration drawing by Starkin
Starkin's Art Fashion Illustration Drawings
Fashion Illustration

Starkin’s Art Fashion Illustration Drawings

Ever since I was a child, I have loved to draw. Most often I chose to draw people, clothes, and everything related to fashion. My journey officially began with my degree in Fashion Design. When I was choosing my future profession, I did not know exactly what I wanted to become, but I felt that it should be connected with fashion illustrations. That is why I chose a popular direction: Fashion Design!

In my long journey as an artist, I have been fortunate to have diversified my skills. By the age of 30, I tried my hand at different professions, as a fashion Merchandiser, a seamstress, a UX designer, and a commercial illustrator.

Now, I have my own online shop Starkin’s Art where I sell digital products that inspire me a lot, such as fashion and thematic illustrations, coloring books, drawing tutorials, Procreate brushes and stamps, etc.

I love to put my positive energy into the products I create. I have a very diverse target audience and I always strive to ensure that everyone can find products for themselves. It is very important for me to create illustrations that are inclusive and represent different nationalities, genders, body shapes, etc. I also create products for artists of different levels, from beginner to advanced. Additionally, I try to provide a high level of service for my clients because I really appreciate each and every one of them.

At this moment, I run my business alone and do not always have time to draw all my ideas on time (and there is a very long list of them, which includes ideas from my clients too!).

I am positive that one day I will have a small team with similar perspectives and values as me, that will help make my products more popular. I hope by then I will finally have enough time to draw all of my ideas! 🙂

Coloring Fashion Illustration Drawing by Starkin

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Denim jacket was drawing with my Procreate Denim brushes

Fashion girl illustration art by Starkin

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Fashion girl illustration by Starkin

Woman fashion illustration by Starkin

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Trendy women illustration by Starkin

Asian women face Illustrations by Starkin

Black woman face Illustration by Starkin

Face Illustration Drawing by Starkin

Christmas bundle illustration by Starkin

Yoga girl clipart illustration by Starkin

Curvy girl yoga Illustration Art by Starkin


Curvy girl yoga Illustration by Starkin


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