Figurative painter Katarzyna M Rymarz

Joy&drama – paintings of modern alienation by Katarzyna M. Rymarz

I’m a figurative painter making art about modern alienation. I draw on my experience as a woman and alienated human being. Alienations have a strong impact on society and individual and are characteristic to our contemporary times. That is why this subject is so interesting for me as an artist. My main objective is to pose questions. I am attempting to present a symbolic human as biological organism and spirit structure at the same time. In my art, I am trying to appreciate also the joy of life as well as its drama.

In my paintings, I frequently combine geometric forms with natural forms, because this allows me to seek new harmonies created as an effect of opposing elements. This is the way I explore lots of compositional possibilities. I also love to use the potential of colour exaggerating and multiply of motives. It works as a great disguise for the true subject of the particular painting. I paint abstract compositions sometimes as a small escape from figurative projects.

I paint in oils, making variations about old master techniques, using layers, toned ground and underpaints.

I am an author of regular solo shows and I take part in international projects.

I live near Lublin (Poland) in the countryside together with my family and dog and cats. Horse, goat and hens are planned.

I cooperate with art galleries: At Art (Warsaw, Poland), Art in House (Warsaw, Poland), Gallery Store (Poznan, Poland). Please find more at: @Katarzyna M. Rymarz

Original figurative oil painting by Katarzyna M Rymarz

Moth original figurative oil Painting by Katarzyna_M_RymarzMoth, oil on canvas, 80 cm x 100cm, 2021, in private collection

Figure Oil Painting by Katarzyna M RymarzDilemma, oil on canvas, 80 cm x 100cm.

Figurative art painting by Katarzyna M Rymarz

Destabilization II, oil on canvas, 70cm x 55cm.

Abstract figurative painting by Katarzyna M RymarzTrembling, oil on canvas, 100 x100 cm, private collection

Abstract figurative painting by Katarzyna M RymarzDestabilization I, oil on canvas, 70cm x 55cm.

Nude figure painting by Katarzyna M. RymarzObsession 1, oil on canvas, 80 cm x 80 cm, in private collection

Figurative oil painting by Katarzyna M RymarzObsession 3, oil on canvas, 10cm x 80cm.

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