Realistic Cakes by Ersin Gunduz

Ersin Gündüz Pastry Chef Specializing in Realistic Cakes

Ersin Gündüz is a pastry chef specializing in realistic cakes. He was born in 1988, in Mardin / Turkey. He has been living in Istanbul since 2010. He worked in various businesses in the food industry. He continued his way with boutique pastry, based on his talent and interest in visualization and modelling of cakes. He started to be interested in realistic cakes as well as boutique cakes and he started to work in this field and create amazing edible cake sculptures. Realistic cakes, which he continued with Ersin Gündüz Cake Studio, received worldwide acclaim through social media. He is featured in the press of many countries with news about his work. ~ @ersingunduzcakestudio

Realistic fruit cake art by Ersin Gunduz

Yellow pepper hyper-realistic cake by Ersin Gunduz

Yellow pepper cake design by Ersin Gunduz

Calculator Cake Design by Ersin Gunduz

Pillow Cake Design by Ersin Gunduz

Ramadan pita cake ideas by Ersin Gunduz


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