Portrait painting by Christine Fokkelman

Christine Fokkelman’s artworks show strong emotions and philosophical thoughts

Christine Fokkelman is a Netherlands-based contemporary artist, currently living in Rotterdam. She creates beautiful, dreamlike work (mixed-media) in her own unique style. Christine’s ability to create mysterious magical worlds engage viewers with stunning imagination.

After she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Christine began devoting herself to painting and drawing sensitive abstract landscapes and floral studies in wich she focussed on shapes, colour and atmosphere.

Driven by her constant need to keep her creativity flowing, she changes her focus and started to experiment with a combination of digital and traditional methods by using computer techniques combined with multitude of traditional tools, including oils, pastel, pencils and chalk.

Christine Fokkelman: “I always start with an idea, sometimes a feeling of what I would like to create. From here I begin to sketch and decide to make a work out of it. Mostly everything happens while painting by following my intuition. I would be better of not thinking and just experiencing it. The minute I think, it changes or moving me in the wrong direction. During the process it always changes. The most important goal is to catch the right atmosphere.”

Figurative painting by Christine Fokkelman

Her subject range changed over the following years from nature and landscapes to people and portraits. The artist enjoys transforming the familiar into otherworldly scenes, giving the viewer a sense of something hidden and unknown.

Inspired by the world around her, Fokkelman creates surreal artworks that merge different elements into poetic scenes. Her pieces are composed of figurative elements inspired by spirituality and mythology. The artworks show strong emotions and rich imagination and philosophical thoughts.

In one of her last series; “Ophelia” she tried to create the right balance between reality and unreality. Portraiture plays a central role in her latest work. The characters are very intriguing and often with an air of mystery. Most of her work contains flowers and animals like birds and butterflies. She just finished her latest portrait series in wich she tried to capture the deeper emotions behind her subjects.

Christine lives in the city center with her husband who is also a painter. Like most artists living in culturally artistic cities, she founds herself inspired by the beauty surrounding her and she finds her inspiration everywhere, from dreams to everyday details.

Christine Fokkelman: “Living in the city is a huge inspiration for me. There is always something going on here. While working I try to avoid disturbing influences, but when not, I certainly enjoy a walk in the crowded city.”

Her work has been recognized by art curators and collectors from all over the world and she exhibits regularly. ~ Christine Fokkelman

Flora surreal art by Christine Fokkelman

Ophelia with parrot realistic portrait painting by Christine Fokkelman

Leda surreal painting by Christine Fokkelman

Love surreal painting by Christine Fokkelman

Portrait painting by Christine Fokkelman

Surreal painting by Christine Fokkelman

Ophelia surreal painting by Christine Fokkelman

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