Tiger life-size replica by Artist Ami Zarug

Animal Replicas – Nature Handmade by Ami Zarug

For 15 years I’ve been sculpting animals, especially endangered ones. I have always been intrigued with the miracle of creation. Each animal I design has a different look to it. I start with the eyes and just go with the flow. I never work with real animal components, everything is synthetic, and that’s where the magic happens. When I introduce my work, people can’t believe it’s all synthetic materials. The process starts with shaping the head by the animal’s anatomy and then installing the eyes. Once the eyes are in place I get inspired for a more specific direction. Afterwards I start with the complex stage of matching a synthetic fur to the animal’s body. The fur is coated by airbrush color layers which I prepared beforehand by observing the real animal fur colors. I have kept real samples of naturally deceased animals for reference, so I can reach the most realistic color levels. The final airbrush touches are the most important part of the process since it gives that realistic look, and so I invest days in perfecting it until a satisfying result is achieved.

Animal Replics on Trendyartideas

After many years of perfecting my art, I have decided to share my passion with the world. Together with a colleague of mine, we started ‘Animal-Replicas’, where we can supply the increasing demand to exhibit rare animals without actually harming none of them. Nature lovers can admire the animal’s magnificence with a unique piece, as the next best thing to a real animal. ~ Animal Replicas

Tiger lifesize replica by Ami Zarug

Animal Replicas by Artist Ami Zarug

Silverback gorilla Replicas by Ami Zarug

Tiger life-size replica by Artist Ami Zarug

Animal Replicas Tiger by Artist Ami Zarug

Tiger Replica wall mount by Ami Zarug

Nature Handmade by Animal Replicas

White Bear Replica by Artist Ami Zarug

Bear head replica handmade by Ami Zarug

Polar bear replica by Artist Ami Zarug

Lion Head Replica Handmade by Ami Zarug

African Lion Head Replica by Ami Zarug

Lion Head Mount Replica by Artist Ami Zarug

Animal Replicas lions by Artist Ami Zarug


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