Unique artwork Thoughts from the artist Fanni Bacsko

Unique Artwork Thoughts About My Art

I think you should learn and practice a lot to show what you can really do. Like the greatest ones before us.
You will be authentic and you can walk your own way if you present that you have learned the basic things. You need humility and persistence before you can start unpacking your own style.

But when it happens, you will feel your wings start to grow, this will be all your thoughts and you can’t wait for each of your brush strokes. Very exciting.

All your work is a part of you. I am really proud of my journey. And I love all of my works.
I brought a small collection of these, and my new thematic series is being made. I can’t wait to show it too on an interesting, beautiful and divisive theme.

We can see the beauty around us if we observe the world. We can learn a lot if we also learn to see, not just look.

The Nature is the greatest Creator. The artist is the one who sees this. I think. ~ Fanni Bacsko


Beautiful abstract art by artist Fanni Bacsko
Children's painting by artist Fanni Bacsko
Child portrait painting by artist Fanni Bacsko
Unique figure painting
Unique painting flowers canvas
Gold canvas painting
portrait pencil drawing
Realistic portrait drawings

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