Realisim Artist Serghei Ghetiu

Serghei Ghetiu Creating Beautiful Realistic Artworks

Serghei Ghetiu is a contemporary artist who was born on January 1, 1976, in the small town of Soroca in Moldova. Now Serghei is a full-time artist and lives in Lithuania.

Although the author himself says that he does not want to be attached to one genre, he is interested in capturing various things on canvas, lately portraits have dominated his work, and we usually see women and dancers in them. Through their poses, facial expressions and glances, the author tries to convey the emotional state, the feeling, what is going on inside a person. And in Serghei Ghetiu’s work, realism does not mean coldness at all, a mechanical repetition of reality – on the contrary, it serves perfectly to capture the slightest vibration of the face, the smallest nuance. Although the author likes the details, he does not play with them and does not overload the paintings. You will notice that most of the details are in the human face, in the dramatically falling folds of clothing, and the author chooses a more expressive, looser technique for the background – this combination not only helps to convey the mood even better, but also does not bother the eye.

Thanks to this combination of realistic and free painting, Serghei Ghetiu’s works will look great in both contemporary and classical interiors. ! @sergheighetiuart

Painting of Ballerina preparing for classes by Serghei GhetiuBallerina, Preparing For Classes II

Ballerina the moment of frustration by Serghei GhetiuBallerina, The Moment Of Frustration

Painting of The young ballerina dreams by Serghei GhetiuThe Young Ballerina Dreams

Painting of Thinking about Degas by Serghei Ghetiu

Thinking About Degas

Between darkness and light by Serghei GhetiuBetween Darkness And Light V

Painting of Once in Paris by Serghei GhetiuOnce In Paris III

Painting In the kingdom of nature by Serghei GhetiuIn The Kingdom Of Nature

Painting of Je suis ballerine by Serghei GhetiuJe Suis Ballerine III

Painting of Je suis ballerine by Serghei GhetiuJe Suis Ballerine V

Painting of Lost in the rain by Serghei GhetiuLost In The Rain

A portrait of a Jewish boy by Serghei GhetiuA Portrait Of A Jewish Boy

Painting the girl with the eyes of the whole worldThe Girl With The Eyes Of The Whole World

Painting I will write your name with rainI Will Write Your Name With Rain

Catch me if you can by Serghei GhetiuCatch Me If You Can!

Painting of Short break by Serghei GhetiuShort Break

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