Figurative Painter Jo Beer

Jo Beer Figurative Painter from Cornwall, UK

I am a full time figurative painter from Cornwall, UK.
I paint people because they intrigue me. There’s no such thing as an ‘ordinary person…everyone has something extraordinary about them that will make them stand out from the next person. I paint a mixture of people from everyday life, and celebrities that I admire for whatever reason.
I regularly undertake private commissions, these can easily be arranged directly via my website, Facebook or Instagram. I am happy to discuss commission ideas – historically, I have had some very unusual requests (two of which are attached here)

Medium of choice is oil – I like it’s fluidity, it suits my work. I like to use fairly broad brush strokes for a more expressive look, but enjoy fine brush clarity for details.

I have twice featured in Sky Art’s Portrait Artist Of The Year (screened in 2013 & 2016). In 2013/14 my self-portrait was reproduced repeatedly with a small selection of other artists to produce a huge Mona Lisa installation on Clapham Common, London.

I give regular tutorials in local high schools to coincide with the curriculum focussing on portraiture. ~ @jobeerart

Figurative realism painting by Jo Beer

Claude Figurative Painting by Jo Beer

Create figurative art by Jo Beer

Jo Beer Figurative art Passing time with lego in lockdown

Jo Beer realistic portrait painting Hockney

Jo Beer Figurative Painting Honeybee

Jo Beer Figurative realism painting David Gilmore, Realistic portrait painting

Realistic portrait painting Andy with metal

Jo Beer Painting figurative Justice

Reflection Contemporary figurative painting by Jo Beer

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