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Gosia Gregorczyk: Paintings the Beauty of Flowers With watercolors

My name is Gosia Gregorczyk. I am a creative watercolor artist and graphic designer based in Gdansk, Poland. Color has a huge impact on my creativity and life. I have always been sensitized to various color combinations visible in nature, art even in food. I am particularly drawn to floral watercolor. I love flowers for their beauty, harmony and the power to make us cheerful and unwind. I have learned sculpture in high school, and graduated in graphics design at the Art Academy in 2002.

I studied graphic techniques as: serigraphy, etching, aquatint, engraving, linocut but painting was always the closest to me. Definitely rich in colors and more emotional not conceptual, not surreal, not hyperrealistic. It has remained so until today. I have my own favourite masters whom I greatly value for many different aspects of their work, how they talked about art or how they think about art.

I have found this Pablo Picasso quote about week ago:

“If you’re stuck in a painting, then stop and draw something else. Draw a flower and put your love into that flower. Then your powers will come back again.”

In my creative journey, I wasn’t stuck with painting, but I stuck with a professional job that changed from creative to managerial. So I left this job and I come back to painting after 15 years break. Back to the quote: After this 15 years break I started from flowers and that’s how I stayed until today, and I think I will stay for a very long time.

When I paint, I get carried away by my emotions and this effect is visible in marks, stains and colors which carry a part of me. I strive to preserve the moment, which later remains on paper. I feel I do what I truly love and feel.

Belle Peonie Watercolor Painting“Belle Peonie” Watercolor Painting on 20×16 Paper.

Blazing Beauty flower of life painting in watercolor“Blazing Beauty” Watercolor Painting on 20×16 Paper.

Blooming Bounty spring flowers painting“Blooming Bounty” Watercolor Painting on 20×16 Paper.

Blush watercolor painting flowers

“Blush” Watercolor painting flowers on 20×16 Paper.

Crushed Coral Watercolor Painting“Crushed Coral” Watercolor Painting on 20×16 Paper.

Di Spello Flower Watercolor Painting“Di Spello” Watercolor Painting on 20×16 Paper.

Gioia Flower Watercolor Painting“Gioia” Watercolor Painting on 20×16 Paper.

Riflessivo Flower Watercolor Painting“Riflessivo” Watercolor Painting on 20×16 Paper.

Speranza Flower Watercolor Painting“Speranza” Watercolor Painting on 20×16 Paper.

Sussurro Flower Watercolor Painting“Sussurro” Watercolor Painting on 20×16 Paper.

Umore Autunnale Flower Watercolor Painting“Umore Autunnale” Watercolor Painting on 20×16 Paper.


If you would like to see my art feel free to visit my website: www.gosiagregorczyk.com

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