Beautiful Rose Sculptures and Decorative Objects
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Luiza Cölsmann’s Beautiful Sculptures and Decorative Objects

Born and raised in Germany I always felt a passion for architecture and interior design. Especially Baroque and Rococo periods have always been a big influence on my idea of beauty and aesthetics. By the age of 23, I have moved to Toronto, Canada to learn more about techniques, design and art. I use almost every material for my sculptures which sometimes leads into someones elses junk. I love to play around with sustainable materials always keeping delicacy and feminism as my leading inspiration in mind. I love to design living spaces and tiny homes with a lot of love for details and with the focus on exceptionality, classical modernism and self-made art that makes every space unique and a class of its own. In fast-moving and superficially times I create a peace of mind and contentment while doing art and hope to transmit the same feelings and cause one´s heart to vibrate. I strongly believe that as an artist and designer you have to be versatile but with a high recognition value. – Luiza Colsmann

The Cone with the little Roses: Lara-JeanThe Cone with the little Roses: Lara-Jean

The concrete Ring with the Rose and Metall ballThe concrete Ring with the Rose and Metall ball: New Beginnings

The golden Rose in a frameThe golden Rose in a frame: Golden Spark

The three white Roses in a frame

The three white Roses in a frame: Spring Triplets

The dog sculpture is called : Boston Terrier Tea Party The dog sculpture is called: Boston Terrier Tea Party

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