Pop surrealism art by Gokcen Yuksek

The paintings inspired by emotions and dreams through pop surreal style of girls

My name is Gokcen Yuksek and I was born in Turkey, raised in Chester and currently live in London.

After working as a 3D sculptor over the last 10 years I started oil painting in 2019. It is a nice contrast to digital design, and I found that they both compliment each other. My painting has improved my 3D Style and the 3D reflects back to painting in understanding light and form better.

I still carry on working as a digital sculptor in various industries such as games, production, fashion and paint in my free time.

I started painting to explore different ways to express ideas and thoughts. I was very much inspired by the pop surreal style and have been exploring with this over the last two years.

I find painting is really healing and relaxing. It has helped me release and grow and has become an essential part of my life. One of the best parts of it was to be introduced to a world of so many other artists who share the same passion.

I hope to improve, learn and explore a lot more with this in the future and enjoy it as much as I do today. ~ Gokcen Yuksek

Rapunzel Babylon Oil on Canvas by Gokcen Yuksek“Rapunzel Babylon” Oil on Canvas, 950 x 330 mm

Every Sweat Blossoms by Gokcen Yuksek“Every Sweat Blossoms” A render of digital Zbrush Sculpture.

Glitch big eyed girl painting by Gokcen Yuksek“Glitch” Oil on Canvas board, 240 x 180 mm

The Caterpillar Oil on Wood by Gokcen Yuksek

“The Caterpillar” Oil on Wood (mini painting), 110 x 150 mm

Queen Bee Oil on Canvas by Gokcen Yuksek“Queen Bee” Oil on Canvas, 420 x 297 mm

The Small Oil on Wood by Gokcen Yuksek“The Small” Oil on Wood, 420 x 297 mm

Wake Up Oil on Wood by Gokcen Yuksek“Wake Up!” Oil on Wood, 300 x 300 mm

Trigger Oil on board by Gokcen Yuksek“Trigger” Oil on stretched canvas art on board, 305 x 430 mm

Distraction Oil on Wood by Gokcen Yuksek“Distraction” Oil on Wood, 240 x 160 mm

Beauty inside Oil on Wood by Gokcen Yuksek“Beauty inside” Oil on Wood, 700 x 190 mm

Trapped Oil painting on wood by Gokcen Yuksek“Trapped” Oil on wood, 420 x 297 mm

My Little Pop Surrealism painting“My Little World” Oil on Wood, 300 x 300 mm

Big Picture Oil on Wood by Gokcen Yuksek“Big Picture” Oil on Wood, 300 x 305 mm

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