cheetah makeup art by Kim Witte
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Incredible Body Paintings Kim Witte SFX Makeup Artistry

I’m Kim Witte of Witte Artistry, LLC. I have been dreaming up characters and fantastical worlds since I was little. I love a good story and nothing has motivated my artwork more than bringing the characters from stories to life! Creating artwork has been a priority all of my life (mainly drawing, writing, painting, and sculpting) but my focus shifted to SFX makeup artistry back in 2012. I established Witte Artistry in 2016 and have been making entertaining/ educational content, typically around SFX makeup, ever since!

I primarily specialize in body painting and enjoy diving into the realm of fantasy. A large body of my work contains characters inspired by pop culture or whimsical creatures plucked from my imagination. I am highly detail oriented and a hard worker that doesn’t shy away from new challenges. But most of all, I love teaching others how to paint and inspiring them with what I do!

My favorite makeups that I have done were some of the most challenging: Kora the Alien (the pink one with large ears), Pickett the Bowtruckle from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Venom the Marvel character. All three required an immense amount of planning and two of which, a large amount of fabrication and prep work! For Pickett, I even had to fabricate the finger extensions and the leaf headband! ~ Kim Witte of @witteartistry

Pickett the Bowtruckle Body Painting by Kim WittePickett the Bowtruckle from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them

Pickett The Bowtruckle Makeup Tutorial

Abarat Zethek makeup art by Kim Witte

Paint realistic fur body painting by Kim Witte

Beautiful green dragon badass body paint by Kim Witte

grinch makeup art by Kim Witte

Minion Monster body painting

Day Of The Dead Skeleton Body Painting by Kim WitteDia De Los Muertos Skeleton

Skeleton hand illusion by Kim WitteSkeleton Hand Illusion

Leopard face painting by Kim Witte

Cheetah Makeup Tutorial

Groot Body Painting by Kim WitteGroot from Guardians of the Galaxy

Strange Monster Makeup Ideas

Nemesis makeup looks by Kim WitteNemesis from Resident Evil Scary makeup looks

Venom makeup art by Kim WitteMarvel’s Venom scary makeup looks

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